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  • Manjulavani Kancharla,      Founder & Director

    Manjulavani Kancharla, Founder & Director

  • Competitive exams in India can prove to be a rather tough battle. There are thousands of untold stories of academically brilliant students who could not realize their dreams owing to lack of funds for tuition. Students from middle class and lower middle class families often lose the battle even before it begins, their future already succumbing to the burden of money, or the lack of it. The UnifyTree venture by NetXplore Technologies is committed to disrupt this trend. It is positioned to help students prepare for competitive exams at no cost, helping build a community of students who will be able to fulfill their aspirations, without the expenses breaking the backs of their families.

  • Netxplore Technologies: Revolutionizing Competitive Exam Preparations With UnifyTree

SaaS Squeezes the Opportunities out of Cloud

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

The Indian startup ecosystem indeed has had an excellent past few years. Remember, just five years ago. India had only 14 unicorns. The government has created a favorable milieu for startups to sprout and thrive.

SaaS – How Changing Businesses Impement The Technology & Create Employment

By: Varun Chopra, CIO, Studds Accessories

In an interaction with CIO Insider magazine, Varun Chopra, CIO, Studds Accessories Ltd, expounds on why SaaS are betting big technology innovations for

10 Most Recommended SaaS Solution Providers - 2022

Digitizing Operations is the Only Way to Survive

By: Puneesh Lamba, CTO, Shahi Exports

Globally, leaders are aiming to enhance organizational performance through the use of digital technologies. These have become core of every organization’s strategy these days, and the


Rule the Data Democracy with an Intelligent Marketing Suite

By: Raahul Seshadri, Director - Engineering, WebEngage

Herb Kelleher, the founder of Southwest Airlines, once said, “I tell my employees that we're in the service business, and it's incidental that we fly


Managing the Information Security Risks in the Age of Connected Production Systems

By: Ravikiran S. Avvaru, Head – IT, Apollo Tyres

The proliferation of connected devices is well-known and documented with the potential of crossing 20 billion connected things by the time


Digital Ecosystem Build

By: Srivaths Varadharajan, Global Fintech & Digitech Evangelist

Digital experience defines the need for engagement with 360 degree approach cutting across all inter faces.Usually business with

  • 10 Most Recommended SaaS Solution Providers - 2022

    As businesses become increasingly tech and digital in the present era, SaaS (Software-asa-Service) is at the helm of businesses worldwide. Be it finance, marketing, or any other industry, SaaS platforms equipping companies with a cloudbased software application technology, enable them to optimize and accelerate their businesses significantly helping tap into diverse industries, a niche market segment, or achieving a delineated business specific goal. Artificial intelligence is also major contributor in the SaaS market’s growth. As the world is deluged with data, SaaS providers’ cloud technology proves to be the saviour in maintaining those and channelizing it in an informed manner. Even in the turbulent times of COVID, the SaaS industry has witnessed burgeoning demands with businesses focusing on maintaining cash flows and optimizing IT costs, support and secure a remote workforce, ensure resilience in their work. The growth of this market can be attributed to an amalgamation of technological innovation, customer behaviour, and demand. Thus, organizations are increasingly using SaaS applications as part of their business operations. Post pandemic spending on cloud infrastructure and software is set to witness it expanding horizon. As of 2022, the SaaS space is worth over $170 billion. According to the latest research by SkyQuest Technology, the global SaaS market was valued at $143.77 billion in 2021, and it is expected to reach $720.44 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 25.89 percent during the forecast period of 2022-2028. Not only globally, even in India, there’s been an exponential growth in SaaS investments in the last decade. Numerous startups and companies have been making strides taking a variety of approaches to innovating the SaaS industry, but are all of them worth a follow. Spotlighting on this difficulty of the businesses, helping them across finding the most suitable SaaS Solution partners, CIO Insider researched the latest inputs around the entire SaaS atmosphere around the country and has fished out the ‘10 Most Recommended SaaS Solution Providers - 2022’. Within the list (in alphabetical order) are partners with proven efficiency, outstanding performance and have been deemed with utmost respect and trust by many businesses. The following list was scrutinized by a panel of experts, including industry veterans and subject matter experts, CMOs, CEOs, analysts, and the CIO Insider editorial team.

10 Most Recommended SaaS Solution Providers - 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Apptio India Apptio India Sunny Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO Leveraging software to help technology and finance leaders make smart business decisions, and relish sustainable business outcomes with an increased RoI
Enveu: Helping Brands Achieve Their OTT & Video Streaming Potential Through a Customizable SaaS Model Enveu Shalabh Agarwal, Founder & CEO Experience Cloud is versatile and caters to several key industries including Entertainment, Sports, Health, Education, Gaming, E-sports, News, Social Influencers, Digital Publishers, and so on.
Freshworks Freshworks Girish Mathrubootham, Founder & CEO Builds tech that works for everyone, making it easy for IT, customer service, sales, marketers, and HR to do their job and delight their customers
Hashtag Loyalty Hashtag Loyalty Dhruv Dewan, Co-Founder Leveraging SaaS helps build customer loyalty, improve customer retention, and increase your revenue
InterviewBit InterviewBit Anshuman Singh, Co-Founder & Head Coach An online platform for tech interview preparation, that offers gamified lessons with video tutorials, primer problems, and guided solutions for programming, scripting, databases, system design, puzzles, and also enables the candidates to get connected with the right companies worldwide based on their skills & preferences
LeadSquared LeadSquared Nilesh Patel, Co-Founder A cloud-based platform offering marketing automation and sales productivity solutions
Netxplore Technologies: Revolutionizing Competitive Exam Preparations With UnifyTree Netxplore Technologies Manjulavani Kancharla, Director and Founder One of the leaders in digital, business & SaaS technology solutions, that specializes in education and academic consulting
  Postman Postman Abhinav Asthana, Founder & CEO An API platform that simplifies each step of the API lifecycle and streamlines collaboration so developers can create better APIs
VTION Digital Analytics VTION Digital Analytics Manoj Dawane, Founder & CEO A digital consumer behaviour intelligence company empowering brands and businesses to confidently deliver a higher RoI on their digital spends in a privacy-first world
Zensar Technologies Zensar Technologies Ajay S. Bhutoria, CEO A global software and services company which conceptualizes, builds, and manages digital products through experience design, data engineering, and advanced engineering & Analytics