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Enveu: Helping Brands Achieve Their OTT & Video Streaming Potential Through a Customizable SaaS Model

  Shalabh Agarwal,    Founder & CEO

Shalabh Agarwal

Founder & CEO

Estimated to reach $30 billion in revenue and capture 8-9 percent share of the global SaaS market by 2025, the Indian SaaS industry is currently driven by some promising startups and Enveu has emerged as a front runner amongst them. Starting off as a technology-as-a-service brand and helping key media & e-Comm players in India such as Dish TV, Reliance, Dialog Axiata, and so on, Enveu was quick to realise that although brands often assume they want specific tech features to solve business problems, but what they really need is 360-degree technology solutions which is relevant to their industry and gives exponential returns in the long run. Helping brands meet their business goals faster and effectively, Enveu has evolved as an impeccable platform resonating across the global OTT SaaS market. It’s fast track to success lies in its development strategy of building solutions for some of the biggest digital brands in India and continuously evolving their core product basis client and user feedback.

Founded and headed by Shalabh Agarwal (Founder & CEO, Enveu), who himself is an experienced Product guru with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry, Enveu has been able to carve its identity as one of the prominent startups across the SaaS industry, not just in India but on a global scale!

Shalabh engages in an insightful interaction with CIO Insider:

Elaborate your portfolio of services and solutions? Which amongst them are considered as flagship offerings and why?
Our flagship solution is the Experience Cloud - a turn-key offering that provides everything you need to start your OTT Video Streaming app ecosystem. We offer white glove solutions and hand-hold clients through the entire journey of going LIVE. With Experience Cloud, you can go to market in weeks and at just a fraction of development costs/people costs. This compared to the heavy investments in time, money &

manpower it would require to build from scratch; not to mention the risks and low chances of success. The Experience Cloud helps chart a direct and straightforward path to success.

The Experience Cloud is versatile and caters to several key industries including Entertainment, Sports, Health, Education, Gaming, E-sports, News,Social Influencers, Digital Publishers, and so on. The product is equally suited to large TV broadcasters as it is to a niche digital influencer looking to own their digital persona and their user base.

Helping brands meet their business goals faster and effectively, Enveu has evolved as an impeccable platform resonating across the global OTT SaaS market

The Experience Cloud comprises modules that are critical for the launch and success of any OTT Video Streaming Platform. These include, Modular, Rich Native Apps, Experience Manager, Content Manager, Subscription Manager and so on. We also have 50+ integrations with the Experience Cloud to empower our client partners with everything from Analytics, CDN, marketing, security & payments everything a business will need to monetize and grow their digital content business.

What are the latest technology trends and innovations that the company is currently investing in?
Our current focus is on helping brands embrace the potential & promise of the global OTT industry. We understand that a content business would like to continue being a content business and would prefer to outsource their technology requirements. Our goal today is on automating a brand’s journey towards Digital apps; from a Bespoke/Custom development-oriented approach to a more Automation and No Code requirement using our Experience Cloud platform.

The Streaming industry is quickly adopting Virtual Reality platforms as well as Metaverse and we’re investing in R&D efforts towards the same. On the consumer front, a large number of internet users are now accessing Content on larger screens (Smart TVs, Streaming sticks, and more) and as the ecosystem is still evolving, we are continuing our investment in the same

to provide ahead of the curve solutions to our clients.

Tell us about a recent interesting case study pertaining to the success of the company’s intervention?
I can highlight two, because these customers come from two very different industries.

One is a government entity based in Thailand that was looking to upgrade to a platform that offered better UI/UX to viewers in turn leading to more revenues. Their partnership with Enveu was a game changer as they were able to relaunch their OTT platform that was more responsive, performed 20x better, could stream 4k content, could offer a multi lingual interface and also provide parental controls. Our solutions also helped them cater to their specially-abled audience by offering Accessibility Options like Audio Descriptions and Sign Language.

The other customer used to be a traditional PayTV operator that proactively wanted to secure their turf by offering OTT apps to their consumer base, which is coincidentally the second largest in India. They realised quickly that it was important to be present across all platforms to be able to succeed in a competitive & diversified media landscape. They came to us with a very specific need for preventing their viewer churn and to understand their consumers better through customer acquisition activities that they do on the platform. With Enveu solutions, they were able to quickly adapt and launch their OTT in seven months across five different devices.

What is the future roadmap of Enveu and how are you gearing up for it?
Our focus is the Asia market, mainly South Asia and SEA, as well as North America for the coming few years. We see a huge potential in the Digitization of Sports industry, and also several Alternate media use cases evolving beyond just Entertainment OTT. We do see several independent artists with huge social media following who also want to own a platform (as social platforms leave them dry with limited monetization opportunities and unfavourable revenue share) and we are ready to support them in this transition.

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