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5 New Mind-blowing Features of Google Map


Every day, Google Maps offers more than 20 billion km of directions. The Key features of Google Maps have greatly simplified and improved our lives over the past two decades, including everything from real-time traffic information to precise directions and civic infrastructure information. We are talking about a bunch of features of Google Maps that have transformed the travel experience for the world. Google recently revealed a new appearance and a number of travel-related features to further augment this experience. Here are the five features of Google Maps that make the app more fun.

Glanceable Directions' Feature and Immersive View of the Location
Maps users on Android and iOS have received a glanceable directions feature, also known as turn-by-turn navigation that shows the next turn and an updated estimated arrival time. This functionality is useful for bicycling, walking, and driving. Google notes that navigational data will be gathered to improve Maps for other cars. However, there is nothing new about the glanceable feature; Google has always collected data when you use classic turn-by-turn navigation.

Google Maps also introduced an Immersive View feature last year that allows you to see inside buildings. The search function overlay the directions on a live view when you hold up your phone. Immersive View en route is a whole new method to see a roadway in advance, whether cycling, walking, or driving. Let's say you wish to ride your bike from your home to the next city; we can simply ask for bicycle directions, then tap the Immersive View preview to see the entire journey in a breathtaking, three-dimensional view. With comprehensive, graphic turn-by-turn directions, users can prepare for every turn as if they were there. We can also use the time slider to schedule departure according to useful data, such as predicted traffic and weather patterns. In this manner, riding in inclement weather or during rush hour is simply avoided.

Restaurant Recommendations
How many times have we had trouble finding a decent restaurant on the day of check-in? Yes, it is too often. However, this new Google Maps function compiles a list of the most popular restaurants in your area (based on user reviews) and displays it as a trending list.

The restaurants are updated based on the feedback and the quantity of patrons who have recently visited and experienced them. In addition to this, customers can discover a list of 'hidden gems,' which consists of a newly emerging group of eateries that might not be as well-known as they are yet.

Organize and Share Favorite Destinations
The most famous feature of Google Maps is its secret vacation Easter egg. Using a little-known feature on its desktop app, travelers may design the schedule, including travel alternatives, accommodations, and tourist attractions. Nonetheless, the organization has enhanced this by simplifying the process for individuals to compile and distribute their preferred travel locations.

To get started, simply make a list under the 'Saved' tab of the Google Maps application. Users can add an intriguing location to this list if and when they come across one while traveling. In addition, users can update the list with social media links (for example, a review of a fantastic restaurant you visited). Google claims that doing this will help you remember why the place was added to your list, which will improve the value of suggestions to other people.

Google is adding information on long-distance bus and train routes to its Search tool. On the search results page, users may examine timetables, ticket pricing, and booking links instantly

AI Quick-Feel of Your Next Vacation Spot
If we could receive a 'quick-feel' for the place you are going to visit, wouldn't that be amazing? Now, Google's artificial intelligence will assess user reviews and photographs to present the top local favorites. Additionally, Google Maps will also be able to recognize specific dishes in these images, enabling users to research the dish's cost, menu, and popularity. Additionally, this is quite useful if someone is trying to find a vegetarian or vegan restaurant nearby. In addition to making travel easier, Google has made sure that customers have access to more reliable reviews and data.

Promote Sustainable Travel and Electric Vehicle Charging Station Information
Google has released several new features for its Maps and Search apps to promote environmentally friendly travel and commuting. The software giant is rolling out a feature in Maps that would show walking or public transport alternatives next to driving directions in cases where the travel times are comparable.

Additionally, Google is adding information on long-distance bus and train routes to its Search tool. On the search results page, users may examine timetables, ticket pricing, and booking links instantly. Currently, this feature works with long-distance bus routes in 15 countries and trains in 38 nations.

Google will soon recommend rail lines when users search for flights to encourage environmentally friendly alternatives to flying. Additionally, Google Flights already uses the Travel Impact Model (TIM) to allow customers to view estimated emissions for nearly every flight and filter by options with lower emissions.

Road trippers with electric vehicles won't ever have to worry about running out of charge. To prevent disappointment and lost time, drivers will now be able to view additional information, such as whether a charger is compatible with their car, whether there are fast, medium, or slow chargers available, and when the charger was last used. Wherever information is available about EV charging stations, the update has started to be distributed.

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