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Reimagining Filmmaking with Bleeding Edge Technologies

Needless to say, the digital technologies have given an entirely different makeover to the movie-making industry; so much that making a movie today...

These are the Latest AI Trends in Manufacturing

AI is the ‘go to’ for most of manufacturing companies these days

Looking Back at 10 Technology Pioneers who Inspire Budding Tech Leaders

The term technology ‘influencer’ goes much deeper than what dictionaries imply.
India's Electric Vehicle (EV) Market is Blooming

India's Electric Vehicle (EV) Market is Blooming

The COVID-19 which continues to pose a threat to humanity, however, in its initial stages, acted as a blessing in disguise, being a saviour to the...
Five Movies that Feature the Capabilities of Enterprise Tech

Five Movies that Feature the Capabilities of Enterprise Tech

The blockbuster movies are more than just blockbusters that take one to ponder upon the kind of world we live in or the kind of life that we lead....
  • Top Telemedicine Trends in India

    Like most fields, technology is also a harbinger when it comes to healthcare. Digital transformation in healthcare services has made treatment...
Edge Computing: A Few Places to Check out its Potential

Edge Computing: A Few Places to Check out its Potential

The arrival of the Internet has enabled the world connect better....

A Decade of Intel's Thunderbolt Tech

Winding back a decade, computers had numerous, more often than not, separate input/output (I/O) ports to connect different kinds of devices and wires

Top Six Modern Forensic Science Technologies

As technology infiltrates every aspect of our lives, it's no surprise that crimes have evolved with time

India's Journey towards Comprehensive Digital Literacy

Internet is a platform for every individual to share, exchange, discuss and debate their views and opinions

Intel's New CEO: The Homecoming of Pat Gelsinger

Intel, one of the most prominent chip manufacturers, will go through a major alteration in its administration, as the current CEO Bob Swan steps...

Technology is Transforming Sports Viewing Experience on TV

With pandemic halting the gallery experience for fans, the games had to explore more advanced alternatives to ensure that the live telecast has...

5G & India's Digital Revolution

India is yet again at the cusp of another digital revolution, with the bidding for the 5G spectrum auction scheduled for March 1st
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