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Made in India: Coronavirus Testing Kits reaches the Market

Vaishnavi Pradeep

A test kit to fasten up the screening of Coronavirus amid an increase in cases and growing covid-19 hotspots in India. The antibody serological blood test offers the result in just 15 mins and functions on samples of blood instead of nasal swabs. This can also tell if a patient has ever been disclosed to the coronavirus. As considered, this would be the first time India is using a kit for detecting diseases in the country.

There were various other comparable tests conducted to diagnose human immunodeficiency

and Zika. The account of enterprises, International and National have now lined up to assist and give a quick test kit to India. “The council had last month issued tenders for the procurement of 5 lakh antibody test kits and is expected to arrive in a few days. ICMR’s Chief Epidemiologist RR Gangakhedkar said.

The accelerated test kit will increase the shield process in the country of around 1.3 billion people where only a 70 percent of the virus testing utility has been applied, this report was given by the Union Ministry of Health. “As on April 4, only 70,000 people were tested for Covid-19 at 132 state-run labs and 52 private labs. The number of tests conducted per day has been increased to 10, 000,” the ministry said.

“At a time of urgency when the players are ready to provide the kits, the government isn’t expediting the process of getting the qualification and approval from DCGI to start supplying to India,.” Our firm, which has already sold 6 crore kits around the world, can produce around 2 crore rapid testing kits at Rs 1,500 apiece. says Tarshant Jain, head of Ozo Life.

Almost 150 to 200 companies are eager to provide the virus test kits to the country. Seven companies who do not have a certification from the CE-IVD have received approval from the National Institute of Virology, says ICMR.

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