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PM Modi and US Techs Lay Plans to Turn India into a Global Manufacturing Hub


From 5G to plans about solar energy, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi had a rendezvous with top US tech company CEOs to turn India into a globally renowned manufacturing hub. Deemed as a land of diverse cultures, the country also boasts diverse opportunities capable of transforming every sector to be more than just being up to the mark. Take its population for instance which can be converted into a wide electric vehicle (EV) adoption spree.

Aside from EVs, the nation is focusing on digitizing every sector starting from agriculture to healthcare, for it means to do more than surviving in this COVID-19 pandemic driven norm-following era. Surely other countries also do, but for one, it’s known to be viewed as a developing nation for years and the same persists till this date. That’s why companies are racing towards adopting latest technologies and to also uphold sustainability in the process, aiming for healthy livelihood for its citizens. Hence, its PM held a one-to-one discussion with some of the top American CEOs from top tech companies, discussing digitizing every sector possible. Among those CEOs the PM met two Indian origin CEOs who are Shantanu Narayen from Adobe and Vivek Lall from General Atomics. With that said, here lies the plans of what each discussion took place from each CEO.

PM and Qualcomm President and CEO, Cristiano Amon Talk 5G
Globally regarded as a manufacturer of semiconductors or chips, software and services related to wireless network technology which is already going big on creating 5G based products. Qualcomm Ventures has made investments in firms in India that solve important domestic challenges such as dairy, transportation, and defense. Qualcomm Incorporated's president and chief executive officer, Cristiano Amon, is also a member of the board of directors. On June 30, 2021, Amon took over as CEO. This is the PM’s first meeting on day one in the US with both having had a production interaction. One side the PM spoke about how India holds various opportunities and on the other hand, Mr. Cristiano expressed his enthusiasm to work with the nation around areas such as 5G and other Digital India efforts.

However, 5G seems to be the main focus of this meeting as the nation is seeking to accelerate its adoption of next-generation wireless network technology. Particularly circling around seeking investments in this field from potential partners promising safe and secure networks. This meeting accounts to fetching big bucks in the new tech area hoped to help the country dive deep by providing its citizens with the next generation of networking services.

PM and Adobe Chairman, President and CEO, Shantanu Narayen Talk Video and Animation for Kids
Mr. Shantanu is deemed as a pioneer transforming his company into industry innovator through a cloud-based subscription model. With ongoing collaboration and future investment plans, Mr. Shantanu appreciated India’s efforts in fighting the coronavirus with its vaccine which is now being adopted by other countries. He conveyed his desires about how he wishes to contribute for the nation’s 75th Independence Day anniversary and that he plans on bringing video and animation to every child in India. This immensely coincides with the PM’s goals providing smart education for kids in the nation. Since the coronavirus has already beckoned humanity with its terms and conditions, the PM expressed how he prefers to go with flow and that is digitizing. As the company is known for specializing in graphics, photography, illustration, animation, multimedia/video, motion pictures, and print software for the creation and publication of a wide range of content. The business now offers digital marketing management software. As the words of their wisdom were exchanged, both also intend to lay down a few centers of excellence in AI. Mr. Shantanu concluded that the investment in India is their secret weapon.

PM and General Atomics CEO, Vivek Lall Talk Drone Technology
With General Atomics opening its first branch in India in 2018, the company is already burning the night oil to make significant contributions in hopes of strengthening India-US relationship on defense and security cooperation. In fact, it’s working with both governments to provide quip India with the latest technologies in defense. On the other hand, it has also partnered with Indian companies to develop solutions for Indian defense as well as building capacity.

However, during this meeting, both spoke about strides in drone technology. As well as ground-breaking reforms and the PLI scheme.

Considering the nation’s PLI scheme, Mr. Mark expressed that he is interested in using the scheme to manufacture solar power equipment with a special thin-film technology as well as integrating the country into global supply chains.

PM and Blackstone Co-Founder & CEO, Stephen A Schwarzman Talk Investment Opportunities
Established in 2006 in India, the company has invested around $ 15 billion in various sectors like private equity, real estate, education, fashion, packaging, and housing finance. In fact it’s said to be the largest owner of commercial real estate in the country. It has also launched the country’s first real estate investment trust (REIT) with its partner Embassy Group in 2019 and has since launched two REITs in the country thus far.

Regarded as one of the world’s top investment firms with $ 684 billion under asset management, Mr. Stephen has been actively overseeing every phase of the company’s development since 1985. During his interaction with the PM, he spoke about investment opportunities in the country and those under the National Infrastructure Pipeline and Monetization Pipeline. He even brought about the New York based alternative investment management of the company’s ongoing projects in India and their interests in further investments in the infrastructure and real-estate sectors.

PM and First Solar CEO Mark Widmer Talk PLI Scheme Around Solar Power Plants
In India, the company commissioned 150 MW of Utility Scale Solar Power to grid the nation and has installed 1.8 GW of solar capacity in the country. This year it intends to set up a 3.3 GW facility in the country and is helping the nation to ramp up power generation to 100 GW by next year.

Considering the nation’s PLI scheme, Mr. Mark expressed that he is interested in using the scheme to manufacture solar power equipment with a special thin-film technology as well as integrating the country into global supply chains.

Of course, the PM highlighted the nation’s efforts of harnessing solar energy with the ‘One world, One sun and One grid’ initiative and investment opportunities in the sector.

The two are said to have discussed India's renewable energy landscape, especially solar energy potential and their target of 450 GW electricity generation from renewable sources by 2030.

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