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Promising Technology Business Collaborations in October

Sujith Vasudevan, Assistant Editor

The recent times have been a witness to a lot of collaborations and business partnerships in the technology arena, thanks to the faster spread of information age mindset. Enterprises and government organizations throughout the spectrum are ready for open innovations and also invite expert organizations inside to derive value from different technology advantages. Let’s look at some of the latest collaborations in the global technology arena.

Carrier & AWS
Amazon Web Services and Carrier Global Corporation, a leading global cold chain solutions provider, have entered into a multi-year agreement to co-develop Carrier’s new Lynx™ digital platform. The transformational platform is expected to have a set of tools that will enhance visibility, increase connectivity, and provide actionable intelligence across Carrier’s cold chain operations. As the world nears the arrival of Covid-19 vaccine, this move by the two giant multinational is expected to create waves around the globe in terms of improving the outcomes for temperature-sensitive cargo, including food, medicine, and vaccines. Carrier indeed had selected AWS as its preferred cloud services provider in February 2020.

Intel India & Government of Telangana
Tech major Intel India has recently collaborated with the government of Telangana, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H) and Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) to launch INAI, an applied artificial intelligence (AI) research center in Hyderabad. Intel India defines INAI as an endeavor to apply AI to population-scale problems in the Indian context.

Coupled with the ecosystem collaboration, the center will focus on identifying and solving challenges in the healthcare and smart mobility segments.

Nokia & Google
Nokia, the connectivity technology major has entered into a five-year strategic collaboration agreement with Google Cloud in order to fast-track its comeback to the global business picture. The agreement will allow Nokia to migrate its on-premise IT infrastructure onto Google Cloud, including the company’s data centers and servers around the world, as well as various software applications. Nokia will also be able to use a suite of Google Cloud products and professional services. Indeed, the tech giants over the past few months have already crafted a highly customized migration approach that will allow Nokia to exit its IT data centers on a rapid schedule. Going forward, Nokia’s infrastructure and applications will run in the public cloud or in a Software-as-a-Service model.

The increasing number of collaborations across the technology business arena clearly indicates the companies conceiving the new market landscape

Wipro & SAP
Wipro, the home-grown IT major recently divulged its agreement with SAP SE to deliver SAP Enable Now, which is a is a collaborative content authoring, management, and sharing platform that powers instructor-led training, self-directed learning, and online performance support. This custom enablement platform by SAP is poised to help organizations adapt faster to technological changes and accelerate globalization. The new agreement will allow Wipro to offer its clients tailor-made industry and line-of-business-specific learning tutorials and training assets, in addition to existing contextual help and guided tours delivered by SAP.

HCL Technologies has also announced a new collaboration with IBM to assist its clients in accelerating their digital transformation journey. The agreement will help Wipro’s clients to migrate their enterprise mission-critical workloads to the IBM public cloud. The IBM Ecosystem Unit (IEU) at HCL will assist clients in the process. The deal is poised to provide more help to enterprises in regulated industries such as financial services, telecommunications, life sciences & healthcare and energy & utilities.

The increasing number of collaborations across the technology business arena clearly indicates the companies conceiving the new market landscape and framing new strategies to increase penetration. The future is will continue to unfold such collaborations since the new normal is here to stay and new ways to penetrate the market is a need of the hour.

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