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Smartphone innovations to look out for in 2020

Saroop K P

The year 2019 saw both triumphs and challenges in the smartphone industry, marking the evolution of foldable phones and 5G technologies. As smartphone companies are constantly evolving and advancing, it churns out novel features that places them a step above from its own prequel. With every new version comes a distinguished feature or set of features that serves to the need of the customer. Moreover, new smartphone innovations that are hitting the market since the beginning of this new decade are bound to give a fresh look to the entire landscape.

Here, we peek into some of the smartphone trends that will redefine the future cell phone technology for the expectations it endows to the users.

Size and Appearance
You might not have forgotten how big mobile phones were when it was first introduced to the world, as compared to now. As you know, it got smaller and lightweight over the years serving to meet the purpose of portable and user friendly devices. However, the statistics show a different story altogether with 305 million smartphones with a screen size of 5 to 5.5 inches shipped worldwide in 2019. Today, as the demand for better and quality display replaced the concern over size, the trend fuelled such changes too.

One of the best smartphone innovations that need to be noticed is the long waited trend of foldable phones. Though the innovation had some false

starts last year, two major companies in the smartphone manufacturing industry have hit store shelves. It is expected that more foldable screen phones will deluge the market place in 20202 at cost effective prices.

Artificial Intelligence
AI has already established its presence in most of the smartphones as Google assistant, face recognition feature and interacting functionalities. It is expected that with on-device sensors such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS technologies, artificial intelligence can make an entire profile of the user and foresee their needs to make suggestions accordingly. Leveraging the machine to human interaction, smartphone can gather feedback on its findings and capabilities, thus correct its mistakes. Not limited to this, but AI can also revamp the current security aspects, contain the battery from draining due to certain applications, and even help with business related operations. Advancements with respect to artificial intelligence are expected to couple digital assistance apps with smart home technologies for more compatible applications.

Mobile Processors
The world of technology is moving at a faster pace and people are looking forward at improved picture quality and performance. Powerful processors mean improved graphics performance. This push came from the end of users who are at the entertainment side, such as gamers, vloggers, and web developers. Nevertheless, modern mobile chips can support a smartphone camera, video and audio quality, gesture recognition features and other functionalities. This further extends the scope for smartphones with built-in 5G connectivity.

Mobile Photography
As social media proliferation has reached new heights, fast upload and instant editing tools are deluging the cyberspaces. Therefore, not many people are thinking of going through the nitty-gritty of operating a DSLR camera. Lately, smartphone companies are giving much attention and care to camera quality, increasing many of its aspects in each sequel. In the third quarter of last year, smartphones with 64 megapixels were launched. Barring the influx of additional lens that can be fitted behind the camera, the demand for high resolution imaging has become another key selling point in 2020, with almost 80 percent of smartphone companies rolling out such devices with these cameras. Thus, demand for mobile technology will also get more attention, further spurring the technological advancements surrounding them.

It is expected that developments in 2020 will make smartphones better and more user friendly for advanced operations. As innovations of smartphone companies’ opens door to new strategies and products, it will bring challenges and opportunities in the field.

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