Teaching is Going Remote: Schools and Universities are Switching Online due to COVID-19

Vaishnavi Pradeep

Evolving technology in digital education goes conventional in a hurry and that is going to alter the present education system that is developing day by day. A different diversion of online education and learning is about to be remade just as much the companies that are about to distant works due to COVID-19.

Coronavirus pandemic has compelled universities and schools in India to close and students to be at home until the pandemic settles down. This situation enhanced to function as an online crash course for students and teachers in various ways. In most of the schools and universities, the education system moves to improve technological advancement as well as to function the classes online and help students in managing their education.

As the Indian companies instructed the employees to work-from-home, the schools and universities also wanted students to be engaged with their studies. The stage for video conferences such as WebEx and Zoom are the medium to learn and instruct students of their work and assignments. These methods help the students to engage themselves in their studies and not detach from it. Zoom is used to manage the learning systems like Blackboard, Google Classroom etc. There are also methods like Google Chrome Extension, Proctoria which helps to examine the students appearing for online exams.

"Zoom puts a lot of power in the hands of the meeting hosts," says Justin Brookman, director of privacy and technology policy at Consumer Reports. “The host has more power to record and monitor the call than you might realize if you're just a participant, especially if he or she has a corporate account.” The education industry is evolving into a new technological change which will be helpful in the future for the students as well as the professor’s. Almost all the firms are helping the employees to work-from-home and giving the access to communicate with the customers as well as the co employees through latest technologies like Zoom and WebEx.

“The educational process is going to be recast on an accelerated timetable due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. College savings are taking a hit from stock market declines. Parents with college students who paid for a spring semester that went digital may want some fees refunded. Universities love real estate and buildings” says the reporters. The universities and school authorities are able to save money by functioning digitally to the students and professors but are not able to contribute to building new libraries.

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