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Technologies Storming Ahead with COVID19 Pandemic

Samrat Pradhan

There has been a paradigm shift with the penetration of next-gen technologies which are set to bring the next evolution in the human history. According to the IDC Worldwide Semiannual Digital Transformation Spending Guide, “the global annual spending on technologies and services is about to hit a whopping $2.3 trillion as forecasted with CAGR of 17.1 percent for over a period of five years (2019-23).”
For Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."

The adoption of these technologies has somewhat become a crucial necessity, hence, many organizations are quickly embracing these technologies to stay relevant with the current times of pandemic where safety and connectivity has become an utmost priority. Today, it has become imperative to embrace these next-gen technologies and reap the benefits from them for more business gains.

Here are some of the technological trends that are set to bring revolution in the human history:

Dawn of 5G
Due to the pandemic crisis, 5G network has almost become the need of the hour to efficiently connect people and work safely. Currently, Chinese are spearheading towards 5G revolution as most of the cities are opening and making 5G a must have commodities for its citizens. According to the sources, 5G will connect at least 100 billion devices and provide each individual with 10 GB/s speed by enabling extremely low response times and the latency. Moreover, the dawn of 5G will take technologies such as autonomous vehicles, VR/MR, smart cities, among others to the next level.

Bringing Technology Democratization
2020 will also see Technology Democratization where every people will have the equal rights and responsibility towards various technical domains. According to the Gartner, the four key aspects which will bring technology democracy would be in respect to design, knowledge, data and analytics and application development.

The onset of AI Technologies
AI has been evolving since quite a few years now, whilst, it is slowly coming to its optimum level with further verticals disrupting and gradually shaping the industries globally. We have been witnessing AI evolution with various products which includes citizen robots such as Sophia and also the AlterEgo – a mind-reading wearable - has taken AI technology completely to the next level with further advancements expected in the near future.

Need for Re-skilling and Up-scaling
With advancements in technologies, there also has to be people who can use it optimally and reap its’ every benefit. Hence, 2020 will likely be the year where people need to re-skill and up-skill themselves so as to stay relevant with the technology revolution. For example, there will the need to train the organizational workforce across technologies such as AR/VR, Blockchain, IoT, and AI, so as to go with some few.

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