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The Emergence of Online Learning Apps as the Future of Education

Rajan Sarma

Technological advancements have brought remarkable changes in the art of learning. Up until a decade or two ago, education and schooling had great synergy between them. However, things started to change with the meteoric rise of the internet. The internet soon began to be flooded with content of all possible topics and subjects, and everyone was able to access it.

Today learning apps offer numerous benefits that are otherwise unreachable through a traditional

education environment. Digitization has taken over our modern lives, and more and more people are shifting towards a mobile friendly learning experience from the conventional education system.

Now, the internet is filled with thousands of educational apps that not only act as auxiliary to the schools and colleges but also have innumerable certified courses on offer.

Mobile devices have shifted from being a luxury to an essential requirement. Smart devices (Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones etc) have the potential to replace notebooks and textbooks completely.

Moreover, online educational apps offer many other benefits to students that include the convenience of time, and also fun elements that make learning interesting. Most importantly – it enables the users to learn in their natural ways to their liking.

With the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, e-learning apps have come into the forefront enabling learning to continue maintain social distancing at the same time. The efforts of Google Docs Services, Microsoft globally have been well documented and appreciated in the news.

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