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The need for Enterprise Automation during coronavirus

Saroop K P

In the time of increasing demand and rapidly changing environments, organizations around the world are opting automation in order to be faster and agile in its operations. The new-age disruptions offered by Industry 4.0 are some of the greatest adventures that help companies in navigating through tough unprecedented times. In the case of a growing economy like India, lockdown efforts have put a huge number of industries vulnerable to economic recession. However, if you examine the companies that embraced Robotic Process Automation technology it is evident that they are leading to offer recession-free operations.

RPA market is estimated to reach USD 2,467 million by 2022 at a CAGR of 30.14 percent between 2017 and 2022. Moreover, experts from leading investment firms forecast that economic recessions in the future does not hamper the automation market, but will augment its adoption in huge levels. With 85 percent of the RPA market unaffected, the economic slowdown that enterprises are prone to is likely to push businesses to plunge into automation.

“When businesses are affected by the realities of working in an economic downturn, they will have to adapt automation models, enabling them to scale up robots,” says Daniel Dines, Co-Founder and CEO of UiPath.

Let’s look at some of the methods adopted by businesses in order to scale their operations.

Focus on relevant small tasks
Since many organizations are looking for a return on the investment at faster rate, taking big projects that require complex procedures are not an apt choice. When more number of small tasks is subjected to automation, objectives can be accomplished faster and gain confidence over the automation solution one selects. Furthermore, this helps in having a foundation of automated processes that becomes the building block for more complex similar projects.

Reviewing what others have automated
It is essential for companies to find online marketplaces for automation if they have less exposure on the know-hows of automation procedures. By utilizing that, they can study what tasks people often choose to automate the most and how. By evaluating what kind of automation is applicable in the respective IT environment, it helps in changing to adapt the automation workflow to it.

Preparing for a post Covid 19 world
Priority should be shifting to the practice, as learning through execution becomes the new norm. A new approach towards the standard operating procedures and innovative processes, make businesses see the value. As work from home is going to gain momentum, it becomes significant for organizations to formulate the recovery plan.

Furthermore, software companies like UiPath are finding ways to contain the spread of Covid 19 with the help of its RPA platform. Such software companies leveraging the technology of automation helps in providing timely support for customers as new operating models are devised.

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