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The VMware Factor

Aveek Pal Chaudhuri

VMware accelerates digital transformation by software-enabled approach in business and information technology. It has initiated virtualization and presently delivers a plethora of services. As an American company, VMware Inc is listed on the NYSE. Dell Technologies is the major stakeholder. VMware delivers cloud computing and virtualization software services to Dell Technologies. VMware became successful and one of the first companies to virtualize x86 architecture.

VMware’s famous product is hypervisors. VMware got famous by introducing the first type 2 hypervisor – GSX. After that, the product has evolved into two hypervisor product lines – VMware’s type 1 hypervisor which runs directly on the hardware, and the hosted type 2 hypervisor.

A totally virtualized hardware set is delivered by VMware to an operating system controlled by a guest account. VMware is the virtual platform for a video, network, and hard-disk adapters. It is the host of a USB guest driver.

The virtual systems provided by VMware are extremely portable among computers as the hosts are exactly the same to the guest users. System administrators pause operations during the practice. System administrators are able to perform move and copy operations from a guest account to another remote system where it can start execution. The process of execution can be restarted from the particular suspension point.

A substitute practice involves vMotion where an enterprise’s server can successfully perform change of the virtual machines operated by a guest among almost exact but different hosts of

hardware which are sharing same storage.

VMware is a believer of new opportunities are unlocked by software to allow people take action. VMware is an innovator of technologies to make technology work impeccably.

The solutions offered include compute, cloud, mobility, networking, and security to create a digital foundation that enables applications, services, and experiences to change the world.

VMware’s foundation is based on solving the toughest client challenges by bringing disruptive technologies like edge computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, and Kubernetes, etc. The digital transformation created by VMware is responsible for the term ‘innovation’.

VMware Specialties

VMware specialties include technology like Cloud Infrastructure, Virtualization, Cloud Management, Software-Defined Data Center, Network Virtualization, vSAN, Hybrid Cloud, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Desktop Virtualization, Multi-Cloud, SDDC, IT Operations, Mobility, Security, Open Source, Cloud Services, etc.

The specialty of VMware resides in hardware virtualization. It allows computers to be on virtual modes with entire hardware platforms, few logical abstractions and functionality run n various operating systems.

Virtualization helps in hiding the physical characteristics away from users' end that operate an computing platform on abstract ground. The software-controlled virtualization is known as the ‘control program’, however, the terms ‘hypervisor’ or ‘virtual machine monitor’ have gained momentum these days.

VMware supports more than 200 operating systems which include - Windows 10, Windows 8.X, Windows 7, Windows XP, Ubuntu, Red Hat, SUSE, Oracle Linux, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, Mint, and CentOS.

VMware has extensive security features. VMware NSX allows micro-segmentation that explains and enforces network security policies on a constant basis on any capacity held in any part.

This method gives VMware NSX the identity for an ideal security medium for securing intra-data center network traffic, isolating disparate networks, and simplifying networks, which on different note demand complex access policies. The inline process is invisible to users and keeps away potential security threats away.

These are the optimum reasons why businesses are inclined towards incorporating VMware solutions in their daily works – for making work perfect and also secured.

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