Wearable Healthcare Solutions - A Sports T-Shirt that Monitors Your Heart

Vaishnavi Pradeep

The technology of wearable health is quickly becoming more advanced in the medical field. HeartIn ECG t-shirts are one of the examples of these advancing technologies. The sports T-shirt is a complete washable with a mixture of nylon threads which is high-tech and conducts fibers positioned in the same place where around 12-15 leads of an ECG machine can be fixed to the body.

The signals given by the ECG are collected by the sensors in textile and are always analysed for cardiac events like arrhythmias and ischemia through medical devices like a Bluetooth unit

clicked at the side of the T-shirt. There is an alert given to the doctor’s and patient’s smart phone and is automatically generated if any of these are identified.

“A cardiologist will never diagnose a heart attack without seeing a full 12-lead ECG. “Time is of the essence. From the moment you detect chest pain till the moment they put you on the table to treat it, every 30-minute delay causes a 7.5 percent increase in mortality.

That’s a fresh statistic from the New England Journal of Medicine.” explains Dr.Dov Rubin, vice president for marketing and business development. “Future models will add oxygen sensing and dehydration sensing, all woven in. The real kicker will be a T-shirt for pregnant women to monitor the baby’s heartbeat via her smartphone. If there is any fetal distress detected, it would send an alert to her obstetrician.”

As the conductors visible in the -TShirt, the HealthWatch designers decide to project the ECG leads graphically to make an interesting and catching garment and which is also an anti-bacterial due to the conductive silver and polymers woven inside.“I see this as the future of where medicine is headed,” says Rubin.

The product and designing company is about to finalize the making of a new generation product, a 12-lead ECG t-shirt, which will help to determine several types of heart diseases and can be a better alternative for clinics and hospitals.

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