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Witness Microsoft India's Taj Mahal-Inspired Office, It Is Beguiling


1. Microsoft unveiled the new India Development Centre (IDC) facility in Delhi NCR – Noida region. It is inspired by the Taj Mahal.

Microsoft said that the new R&D facility will contribute as a “premier hub” to the Microsoft engineers involved in designing cutting-edge technology for the worldwide users, which includes India.

Following Microsoft’s expansion in the cities of Bengaluru and Hyderabad, Noida-based IDC is its third centre, which is an amalgamation of the latest Microsoft technologies and those materials collected from native regions.

2. The newest IDC centre in Noida has vaulted doorways, arches and marble domes which are homage to India’s century-old yet amazing craftsmanship.

The visitors will witness the ivory white corridors decorated with Mughal-era ‘jaali work’ and domed ceilings.

Microsoft stated that the project is an effort that it committed to envisage sustainable development. The facility center implemented energy and water conservation practices for the reduction of the carbon footprint.

3. The fascinating IDC occupies the top three floors of a six-story building in Noida.

It is featuring a modified dome and intricate marble inlays on the floor.

The architects have shown intriguing craftsmanship and skills with the color palette similar to the Taj Mahal.

4. According to Microsoft, the architects have taken cues from the Taj Mahal. They adopted chevron patterns in the corridors and IDC adds all the marble and fabrics. For boosting the local economy, the Microsoft team has used marble and fabrics from the local regions.

5. Another interesting thing is that the murals crafted on Microsoft’s Taj Mahal-inspired facility have easter eggs built-in.

This gamification divines a new start to Indian workspaces, breaking out of the formula of traditional workspaces in the country.

A perforated jaali with Bill Gate’s picture has been placed which is visible at certain angles.

6. IDC’s main workspace uses colors that are inspired by the Char Bagh gardens where the distanced seating areas are juxtaposed with outdoor illusions.

The floors feature a unique design replicating the feel of Char Bagh gardens.

As per Microsoft, the color palette breaks the workspace monotony.

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