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GDT: Pioneering Solutions for Tomorrow's Technology

 Shawn O’Grady,  CEO

A renowned technology integrator and managed services provider. GDT stands as a distinguished partner within the Cisco ecosystem, recognized for its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled technical expertise. As a ‘Cisco Gold Certified Partner’, GDT aligns its strategies and capabilities with Cisco's offerings to provide clients with advanced networking solutions, security services, cloud infrastructure, and other innovative technology solutions.

Being amongst Top 10 Global Partners, GDT’s partnership with Cisco extends beyond mere collaboration it's a synergy that ensures clients receive optimal value through comprehensive technology integration and deployment. With a robust team of certified professionals and a deep understanding of Cisco's suite of products, GDT remains at the forefront of delivering tailored, high performance solutions that cater to the evolving needs of businesses across industries.

Together, Cisco Solution Companies and Partners like GDT play a pivotal role in revolutionizing the technology landscape, consistently striving to empower businesses with the most robust, secure, and efficient solutions available in the market. Let’s read more about the firm in this interaction with Shawn O’Grady, CEO of GDT.

What values does GDT embody, and how has it sustained its presence in the IT services sector since its establishment in 1996?
GDT, established in 1996, embodies a set of core values that have been instrumental in its sustained success

within the IT services industry. The company's commitment lies in guiding its clientele through the dynamic terrain of IT by facilitating the design, procurement, implementation, and management of transformative technologies essential for supporting contemporary workloads.

GDT boasts a global work force of over 750 technology experts, with nearly 200 based in Bangalore, India

For GDT, the emphasis on partnering with clients extends beyond mere consultation, implementation, and operation. It encompasses a comprehensive suite of services, including advisory, professional, managed services, and resource services.This approach is underpinned by the values they both add and safeguard, ensuring their clients benefit from these principles.

In terms of value addition, GDT stands by a selectivity criterion, partnering exclusively with entities deemed trustworthy and reliable. Their project commitment is equally stringent, accepting endeavors they are fully equipped to deliver upon. This ensures adherence to promises made and sustains a track record of successfully completed ventures. Furthermore, GDT ensures that those making commitments are in positions to honor them, engaging stake holders early in the process to ensure timely delivery and prevent last-minute complications or emergencies. This proactive approach under scores GDT's dedication to upholding its commitments and ensuring client satisfaction.

Tell us about your primary solutions or offerings and elaborate on how you assist businesses in optimizing and improving their networks.
GDT offers architecture, procurement, implementation, and managed services catering to contemporary network technologies such as SD-WAN, SASE,

WIFI 6.0, and 5G, alongside core enterprise network technologies and security solutions.

What type of customer experience do your solutions and services generate? Can you provide a case study illustrating how one of your offerings resulted in positive outcomes for a customer?
Beyond assisting customers in navigating the increasingly complex realm of technology and security options, we observe an intriguing shift toward 'as a service' models. Hybrid Multi-Cloud has now become the prevailing architecture for contemporary workloads such as AI. Leveraging our robust managed service proficiency and advancements in operational automation, we aid our clients in identifying the most cost-efficient architectures to meet their business needs.

How do you cultivate a culture of innovative learning within the team, enabling the utilization of cutting edge technologies to create impactful solutions for your clients?
GDT boasts a global workforce of over 750 technology experts, with nearly 200 based in Bangalore, India. We take pride in our exceptionally high employee Net Promoter Score (NPS) and our recent recognition as a ‘Great Place to Work’ in India. We firmly believe that our organizational culture, coupled with our commitment to providing our technical team with access to top-notch training and hands-on exposure to the most advanced technologies, positions us as an employer of choice for premier professionals in the industry.

What future plans does GDT have in store? What direction is it aiming to take over the next five years?
GDT's vision involves continuous expansion and growth through the enlargement of our customer base and the introduction of novel solutions and technological capacities. Concurrently, we are focusing on enhancing our technical and operational abilities while also investing in sales and marketing efforts to extend our advanced capabilities to new clientele. Our anticipated growth trajectory indicates an expected expansion of at least 100 percent within the next three years.

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