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Niveshan Technologies: Navigating Innovation in IT Landscape

 Kumar Bachchan,   MD & CEO

Established in 2018, Niveshan Technologies is a young firm with an average employee age of 30 years. With over 130 experts spread across India, the company delivers services in the domains of Network Infrastructure & Services, Security, various Databases, Storage, Compute, Surveillance, Smart Services, and Artificial Intelligence. Niveshan Technologies is actively involved in setting up data centers, disaster recovery centers, and collaborating in the development of Smart and Safe cities. The organization adheres to ITIL processes and holds ISO certifications. Niveshan Technologies maintains a strong commitment to upholding high service standards. The company is dedicated to providing an outstanding customer experience by precisely defining client expectations and delivering services with a focus on near perfection. Let’s hear more from Kumar Bachchan in this one-on-one interaction.

Tell us about your primary services and offerings that position you as the preferred CISCO solution provider, and how you contribute to streamlining and improving business networks?
Over the past five years, our focus has been on establishing and upgrading data centers, implementing disaster recovery solutions, and actively participating in the development of smart and safe cities for our valued clients. While the implementation phase is crucial and follows a rigorous process, the cornerstone of our projects lies in solutioning and planning. Collaborating closely with clients to understand their specific requirements, our team has devised a systematic approach to design network and security architectures. Emphasizing future readiness, stability, scalability, security, and serviceability, our solutions are tailored to meet these criteria. It's worth noting that, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) we engage with, we ensure that our solution methodology encompasses the mentioned aspects, aligning seamlessly with clients' expectations and budget constraints. In the realm of CISCO, we have emerged as market leaders in

deploying SD-WAN, SASE Services, and Hybrid Cloud Solutions.

What kind of customer experience do your services or offerings aim to create, and could you provide a case study illustrating a positive outcome from one of your offerings?
We view customer experience as a continuous value we provide to our clients, extending beyond major deliverables. Our strength lies in addressing small areas often overlooked by organizations, where potential issues may arise during project implementation or in the future. Our processes, emphasizing risk assessment and meticulous checklists for possible challenges, contribute to the success of our projects. For instance, during the challenging circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, when offices were closed, we managed to seamlessly migrate an entire data center to a new physical location. This involved upgrading hardware, software, and migrating data without any spillage or loss. Our meticulous planning, risk assessment, and checklist practices played a crucial role in achieving this success. The client commended our delivery and overall experience during this project.

The symbiotic relationship between the young & experienced members fosters continuous learning & adaptation

Describe the composition of your team and elaborate on how you cultivate a culture of innovative learning within the team.
Our team structure thrives on a blend of both youthful energy and seasoned expertise. The symbiotic relationship between the young and experienced members fosters continuous learning and adaptation. Embracing the reality of today's dynamic landscape, this approach has proven successful for us. Learning and Development through structured training and certifications form integral components of our work environment, contributing to our exponential growth, surpassing initial expectations.

Since our inception, we have actively sought references and tapped into emerging talent in the market. We encourage individuals willing to join Niveshan, take ownership of projects, and contribute to our collective success. As partners with leading OEMs like Cisco (Gold Integrator Partner), DELL (Titanium Partner), Microfocus

(Gold Partner), F5, Fortinet, NEC, Hitachi, and others, staying well prepared and updated with the latest technological knowledge is imperative for our workforce.

We advocate job rotations to enhance awareness of various job intricacies, pressures, and working environments within the team. Recognizing the importance of soft skills in tandem with technological prowess, we consistently train our workforce in both domains. Our commitment revolves around building assets, not only for our clients but also for our organization.

What lies ahead in the future trajectory of Niveshan Technologies India over the next five years?
Our future roadmap is sculpted by our past achievements, current challenges, and the myriad opportunities on the horizon. The Data Centre business in India holds immense growth potential. While current statistics reflect new developments and expansions, the true surge in growth may still to come. We are continuously enhancing our infrastructure to capitalize on forthcoming opportunities.

Niveshan Technologies is firmly anchored in its Vision, Mission, and Objectives, encapsulated in five key goals. First, we are committed to providing products and solutions that ensure our customers remain future-ready, enabling them to achieve more. Second, our focus extends beyond sales metrics to include the growing appreciation from our clients. Third, excellence is a constant pursuit, driving us to stay updated with evolving technologies and solutions that enhance efficiency. Fourth, we strongly adhere to the belief that socially responsible organizations endure, aligning with our philosophy. Lastly, we emphasize consistency, communication, and commitment to propel us toward our vision and mission.

Our vision revolves around the continuous focus on People, Process, Technology, and Delivery Innovation, while our mission centers on continuous innovation and investments in Customers, Our Human Capital, Operational Excellence, and Trusted Partnerships. These principles have propelled us to significant success, establishing excellence in asset creation—our workforce. Together, we have carved a distinctive niche in the market and earned a commendable reputation with our clients. Our commitment remains unwavering as we persistently work towards these objectives, anticipating even greater heights in the future.

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