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IBUS Networks: Bringing Empowerment In The Digital Connectivity & Infrastructure Space

 Subash Vasudevan,    Director & CBO

Subash Vasudevan

Director & CBO

Take us on a short trip through ibus Network & Infrastructure' journey over the years.
Ibus Networks is a digital connectivity and infrastructure company that endeavors to bridge the digital divide in India. Incorporated in 2010 by Sunil Menon and later joined by Ram Sellaratnam and Subash Vasudevan, Ibus identified the problem of a lack of enterprise grade, neutral & digital connectivity platforms for indoors. Specialized in large scale connectivity solutions, Ibus Networks started designing and operating the backbone of the connectivity economy. Ibus ensures the quality of service in coverage, capacity, and 99.999 percent network uptime. This platform for In Building Network is made to be fit for the purpose of enabling voice and high speed seamless 4G data connectivity and 5G ready infrastructure. The infrastructure built by Ibus supports all the leading telecom operators like Airtel, Vodafone idea(Vi), BSNL and RJio.iBus Networks owned multidimensional networks is deployed across ~ 1.billion sqft area with 750 sites in 52 cities in India.

Tell us about the factors that draw clients to rely on your solutions.
Ibus connectivity Infra is available as a service to users with no investment from users for CAPEX Or OPEX, Ibus upgrades and maintains the platform as and when new technology is available, Ibus is the single-point service provider as a neutral host, Ibus is well placed to bring all TELCOs and Ibus ensures the quality of service in coverage, capacity, and 99.999 percent network uptime

We have innovated our designing for optimal use of Fibre optic cable instead of copper wire to ensure sustainability and reduce carbon emission. Apart from carbon emission reduction, Ibus aims to minimize its waste reduction through efficient recycling of waste generated, using sustainable materials and green mobility etc. across its entire value chain. To become a Green Digital Infrastructure company, we have an ESG council to monitor these achievable

measures. Also, we have initiated the process of migrating the builder from conventional energy to green power.

Ibus is solving to bridge the digital divide by designing the digital connectivity infrastructure which has achieved Interoper ability, Simplicity and Convergence

What are the ways the company has been reducing the digital divide?
iBus is solving to bridge the digital divide by designing the digital connectivity infrastructure which has achieved Interoperability Simplicity and Convergence.

Ibus connectivity infra is interoperable through the deployment architecture; virtualization at RAN and federating the common network functions. Ibus is determined to bring in fixed broadband connections to enterprises through SD-WAN & PM WANI architectures. Along with this, iBus through its Sigfox partnership and exclusive licensee is building nationwide coverage of IOT.

Could you tell us about the kind of quality checks and processes that help maintain timeliness in project delivery?
The process for integration of In Building Solution[IBS] involves detailed site survey, design, deployment and installation.

We design the IBS network using the best of breed network design tool iBwave. The deployment process includes cable routing, fiber laying, connectorisation, antenna installation, power connectivity, civil structuring, earthing, and so on. During the deployment process, thorough quality checks of each and every component viz. cable, fibre, connectors, splitters, couplers, combiners and others are being carried out. Daily project progress report is being made and published to all concerned to meet the defined time line.

Once integration is completed, we carry out VSWR[Voltage Standing Wave Ratio] measuring for the entire DAS area. This is to ensure propercable/fibre routing, connectorisation, fixation of antenna, couplers, combiners and so on. so that there is no connectivity, voice quality, data throughput issue once Telecom Operators connect their Radios to our DAS.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for ibus Network & Infrastructure? Where is it headed for the next five years?
Ibus is determined to be the digital connectivity solutions company operating globally in full compliance of ESG matrix. Ibus 2.0 is a transformation in our business dynamics with the extended service lines of Wi-Fi solutions, IoT, intelligent building management solutions, digital analytics inside buildings, and so on. Our existing infrastructure is 5G-ready, provided spectrum allocation is in the range of 700-2700 MHz. We are aiming at a fourfold growth plan that includes geographical expansion both in India and globally, transformation and upgrade of the existing 4G network by adopting network function virtualisation and SDN, design and launch 5G solutions and focus on the IoT network to enable and orchestrate use cases for machine-to-machine communication.

Subash Vasudevan, Director & CBO
On a global scale, telecommunication heavily impacts how we connect with each other communicate and also conduct business. Reliable communication forms the backbone in today's world and that depends on reliable telecommunications infrastructure that empowers people and businesses alike be it via phone, internet wired and wireless connections and more. The technology behind this is used to create a more collaborative environment.

Built with that motto is Ibus Networks, a company that offers in building telecom connectivity solutions that seamlessly converge licensed telecom signals and data over unlicensed bands for resilient indoor voice and high speed connectivity enhanced by intelligence solutions.

Subash Vasudevan, Director & CBO of Ibus group has spearheaded the growth of Ibus Networks to a massive scale. CIO Insider engages in an exclusive interaction with him where we discuss the company's growth and its journey to success.

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IBUS Networks: Bringing Empowerment In The Digital Connectivity & Infrastructure Space