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Intellve Solutions: Gathering, Visualising & Analysing Digital Data Seamlessly

 Aayush Agarwal,  Director & CEO

Aayush Agarwal

Director & CEO

It is without a doubt that data for any company is the most important asset. Data shows critical information, which is absolutely integral to take strategic decisions on. From formulating strategies to determining how businesses can best utilize their resources, collecting, and monitoring data form a primary function that gives a macroscopic view of what is happening on a daily basis. Especially in this current digital era there is no way that this can be for saken.

Intellve Solutions is uniquely positioned in this space as a software company that develops products which gather, visualize, and analyze information in the digital data form.Their innovative products and solutions are designed in a way that leverages emerging technologies like AI, ML,IoT & Big Data.

Currently in a conversation withAayush Agarwal, Director & CEO where we learn in detail about the company's offerings and its journey to success.

Take us on a short trip through Intellve Solutions'journey over the years.
As an ISO 9001:2005 & ISO 27001 certified company, we develop software products that gather visualize, and analyze information in the form of digital data for enterprises. Our solutions are designed such that they leverage the best in emerging technology innovations like AI, ML, IoT, & Big Data. All this is done to create an integrated platform which brings together varying analytical data under one roof, making it extremely easy & efficient to monitor the security and productivity of any facility.

Our radical new technologies in the field of data visualization and alert management allows our customers to

detect operational anomalies in realtime by bringing together audiovisual, textual, and sensory based data under one common view. This enables them to respond to situations in realtime.

The MonitoringHub allows clients to enjoy the best in remote monitoring with zero Investment, zero risk, & zero maintenance

Over the years, we have successfully deployed our solutions with over 30 happy customers who are using it to monitor more than 3,00,000 sensors and devices across 12,000 sites.

Tell us about the factors that draw clients to rely on your products & solutions, and what are the latest technologies embedded in them?
We leverage the newest and best technology innovations like AI, ML, IoT & Big Data, and tie them all together to create an extremely effective and easy-to-use interface. Since we work in different industries we cross leverage our domain expertise in different industries, which has given us a deep understanding of how integrations are done with various systems and subsystems. Working across industries also exposes us to a breadth of use cases, which gives us an advantage when providing solutions for customer specific problems.

How are your products and solutions creating an integrated platform bringing different analytical data under one roof? How does this help organizations to monitor their security and productivity efficiently?
We have two software products, Intellve ICCC & Monitoring Hub. Intellve ICCC is an enterprise class on prem Command & Control software platform, whereas Monitoring Hub is a cloud based Central Monitoring Software (CMS). Both our platforms enable organizations to monitor, and in the case of Intellve ICCC control as well, multiple assets & sites by connecting to various systems and devices. This enables us to aggregate data from various sources and bring it on to a common platform. We are developing different analytical tools on our platform and working towards

adding data analytics there using AI and machine learning to provide prescriptive analytics with the aim of providing predictive analytics in the near future. We also work with a number of partners who are at the cutting-edge of AI based video analytics & computer vision. All these are fundamentally helping industries in optimizing their operations and preventing a lot of security instances from happening.

How are you helping clients to detect operational anomalies in realtime, as well as carry out preventive measures?
Since we are able to connect a host of devices & systems like cameras, intrusion detection systems, access control systems, and more, we can monitor them for any apparent anomalies or deviation from normal behavior. This ability to aggregate alerts in realtime coupled with a robust alert handling workflow and incident management suite empowers the customer to make critical decisions in real time with the most accurate information, thereby preventing or mitigating serious situations which often arise due to not getting alerts in time or not taking appropriate response in time.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Intellve Solutions? Where is it headed for the next five years?
Currently we are focusing on the banking sector, which covers ATM monitoring, branch monitoring, and others, where our software is being used to monitoring about 12,000+ sites. This will significantly go up in the coming years. We are also actively looking at sectors like retail chains, logistics, warehousing and distributed infra companies. Our focus is on developing hardware agnostic software products that can help monitor remote sites or anything with multisite operations.

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