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Deepanshu Bhinda, Founder,Prachi Bhinda, Co-Founder & CEO

In the aftermath of the optical technology revolution, the world is flooded with visual data. Daily, offline businesses generate a huge amount of video footage and images, typically used only for security applications. More often than not, the organizations fail to recognize the potential of the visual data they are sitting on. Tech Driven Basic ( revolutionizes organizations by giving priceless business sense to their visual data junk. It helps businesses analyze their visual content to derive powerful insights and trends.

A team of developers, programmers, and subject matter experts with strong backgrounds in data science, machine learning, and cloud services, is able to do what most humans cannot easily do observe a trail of visual content and obtain objective data from subjective visuals. The company caters cutting edge AI software to various domains such as Medical, Real estate, Government, Retail, Construction. This includes various autonomous camera enabling tools, life savior tools, decision making software, Edge surveillance, and IOT, among others. In an exclusive conversation with CIO Insider,’s Founder Deepanshu Bhinda talks about the company’s journey and the latest endeavors.

Tell us about the inception story of What makes the company different from its competitors?
When I was in my last year of engineering, we started hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligence and its scope and need in the future. I did my Engineering in Computer Science from Pune, but when I shifted back to my home town Indore and did an internship in an AI company, I saw working and getting to know more about this field. I noticed that AI is going to be the future, and at that time, not many people were aware of what AI is. We noticed the opportunity and dared to start an AI company. Along with my sister Prachi

Bhinda(Co-Founder & CEO), I registered the company as a proprietary firm named TDB Technologies. We started providing AI services with only one intern and both of us. We got our first project from Singapore, and that is how our journey began. Currently, we are one of the finest AI-based solution providers in central India, with a team of 20 experts working under We have incorporated TDB Technologies as a private limited company named Tech Driven Basic Private Limited.

What makes stand out from others is the pricing of the solutions we provide and its effectiveness

Currently, we have approximately a dozen competitors all over India and what makes stand out from others is the pricing of the solutions we provide and their effectiveness. As the Indian market is diversified into various sectors, we have developed AI-based solutions for all the sectors by analyzing their problems & making them user friendly and affordable for every one.

How do you leverage AI while trying to solve realtime problems and reduce manual monitoring in particular? What are the latest technology trends adopted by the company?
All these years, we have seen that almost every place in every sector has installed CCTV cameras for surveillance, but still, they had to assign people for the continuous monitoring of the CCTV. So, at last, the end-decision making and work are done by a human. Artificial Intelligence solutions work like a human brain without the need for a human to make decisions. We at noticed that despite the CCTV surveillance, human monitoring was still not minimized; the human still had to do the inspection. We developed a product named in which we developed solutions for every sector in a way that manual monitoring will cut off completely. The camera itself will do all the surveillance and take the decisions with the help of our solutions. The latest technology trends adopted by are NLP, audio AI, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality.

How do you understand dynamic customer behavior, especially when catering to various sectors while keeping up with the changes in the

As I said, we have a team of experts working under The research team mainly works on researching various trends in the market and various problems that arise under various sectors. Through AI, we can help them solve those problems. Through the research team, we analyze various trends in the market their problems and the solutions we can pitch to them to solve their problems.

Prachi Bhinda, Co-Founder & CEO

Tell us about a recent challenging case study reflecting the success of the company’s solutions deployed to draw positive outcomes?
We recently installed a solution in Abu Dhabi’s hospital, in which their main concern was violence that used to happen at their place, and it was rising day by day. They approached us with this issue, and we proposed our solution, Quarrel AI, to them but, as we built this solution, we got to know that the violence that used to take place over there, like stabbing happened in merely 5–7 seconds and our solution was built to detect the same in at least 40 seconds. So, our R&D team analyzed the problem in existing research papers in which the LSTM technique was used to detect events. They came to a solution where they mixed LSTM with transformers to detect the event in 5–7 seconds, or we can say at the same time it occurred.

What are the future plans of How does it plan to execute them? is currently focusing on the B2B Segment, and we have planned to diversify from B2B to B2C. We will be developing our own cameras that will have our solutions already installed in them; plug and play, we can say, so that the B2C segment will be able to use it without any difficulties and the B2B sector will get a more user-friendly experience. Also, is landing in the field of Augmented reality very soon. We have planned to bring AI and AR together in such a way that it will give high end benefits to various sectors.

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