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HIREX.AI: Building a More Efficient Hiring System Powered by AI

Sayyad Nayyaroddeen, Co-Founder & CTO,Ugendreshwar Kudupudi, Co-Founder & CEO

Sayyad Nayyaroddeen, Co-Founder & CTO

Ugendreshwar Kudupudi, Co-Founder & CEO

Conventionally, hiring used to be a less complex task as the interviewers had a role similar to that of a gatekeeper. Their job was to ensure that any candidate who makes it into the company deserves to be there. But times have changed. Today, an interviewer, especially in the post pandemic world, is designated with the more complex task of finding the right person for the right job since the room for anything less is pragmatically non existent today. This is precisely why HIREX.AI Pvt Ltd’s AI-based matching and ranking algorithms to shortlist the best candidates flares up in demand. HIREX.AI’s system can conduct 10,000 interviews perday without any human intervention!

Hyderabad-based startup HIREX.AI has an office in the US as well. They are on a mission to augment human capital with Cognitive AI bots. The company’s Voice AI bots enable recruiters and hiring managers to conduct productive level one interviews at scale.We are talking about a meticulous range of abilities powered by AI, ranging from calling candidates directly over the phone, web, and Voice assistants to conducting interviews autonomously and automatically rating the candidates without any human intervention. To learn more about this unique proposition, CIO Insider engages in an exclusive interview with Ugendreshwar Kudupudi, Co-Founder & CEO, HIREX.AI.

I have been involved in hiring for the past 20+ years and have seen 90 percent of candidates who apply for a job get ignored even when they meet the necessary qualifications and skillsets. The primary reason is there is not sufficient staff to talk to every candidate in the hiring funnel. Also, recruiters spend a lot of time scheduling and conducting interviews.

I, along with Sayyad, an IIIT Hyderabad Alumnus & AI domain expert, envisioned that Voice AI could solve these problems. We have built a voice based bot framework where recruiters and hiring managers can train a BOT on both technical and non technical topics in the form of questions and answers to

conduct autonomous interviews withoutany human intervention.

Our initial journey was tough. In the beginning, customers were not convinced that a BOT could conduct and assess interviews in the way humans do. So we adapted the platform to first conduct level one interviews where the system would ask introductory and basic technical questions. Once we showed that the BOT could assess level one questions at scale and provide a detailed analysis with scores for each of the questions, that’s when they got convinced about our solution.

Our patent pending Voice based AI bot is a game changer for all the recruiters/hiring managers looking to automate their level one interviews

Usage of Voice AI to solve problems specific to talent acquisition would change the entire industry in ways no one thought was possible before. For the first time, we are not duplicating what HR tech companies do in the western world instead, we are coming up with solutions to India specific problems. Today, our system can conduct 10,000 interviews per day without any human intervention i.e., 10,000 work hours saved.

What is the company’s portfolio of solutions that makes it stand out in the industry?
Our primary solution is a Voice based BOT that can conduct level one interviews. Along with that, Coding Assessments, MCQ-based Assessments, Assignments, and Video Conferencing can be conducted through our single platform. Our system has a prebuilt question bank for all the assessments available on our platform.

We also provide an agile ATS (Application Tracking System) with social media support and career pages for candidates sourcing. The USP of our ATS is its ability to move candidates automatically from one round to the other based on a predefined cutoff score. For every Job Posting, you define the number of rounds and the type of assessment you would like to conduct, and the BOT does the remaining job of scheduling, conducting, and assessing the candidates for you.

Tell us about the technological framework embedded within the voice based bots that conduct interviews.
Our patent pending Voice based AI bot is a game changer for all the recruiters/hiring managers looking to

automate their level one interviews. Our bot has been trained to conduct interviews at scale, be it technical screening questions, communication screening questions, introduction screening, or any other. It has the power to scale automatically to conduct ten thousand interviews. Once interviews are done, it is automatically rated by our proprietary machine learning algorithms without any human intervention. It can rate the candidates based on their answers as well as communicate simultaneously, and it also detects when there is no response from the candidate. Our Cognitive AI bots will lead the much needed change in the talent acquisition landscape.

Share a successful case study of a complex scenario reflecting the positive outcomes drawn with the help of the company’s solutions.
One of our existing customers wanted to assess candidates on different levels Verbal Communication, Aptitude/ Logical Reasoning, and Coding Skills. As a recruiter, if you have to do something like this, you’ll have to use multiple tools and platforms, engage multiple departments and deal with scheduling. Imagine you being a recruiter and dealing with that kind of complexity. With HIREX.AI, all these assessments are part of the platform, and moving candidates across different screening levels is a seamless process. A recruiter has to just upload the resume and move the candidate (s)to the assessment as per their set process, and the system takes care of all the complexities. Through features like these and ease of using our platform, recruiters love us and recommend our platform in their community. We are here to support, promote and enhance efficiency through our AI basedBots & save multiple hours of recruiters as well as internal resources.

Where is HIREX.AI headed towards in the future? What are the major impacts it strives to create?
Our vision is to automate the entire talent acquisition lifecycle with Voice AI and ML. HRs of the future will completely offload any repetitive and mundane tasks to bots.

We are working towards increasing productivity by 10x for HR departments through methods such as(i)eliminating HR’s dependency on scheduling and conducting interviews through conventional processes, (ii)using voice bots to screen resumes and interview candidates faster(iii)using chatbots to engage with passive candidates at scale,(iv)reducing dependency on job boards by retargeting former candidates, (v)automating internal hiring processes, and(vi)replacing tedious spreadsheet based data entry by tracking operations with AI-based automated systems.

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