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3E Consulting: Combining the Best of People, Process and Technology for Successful Business Operations

Abhishek Mishra,   Co-Founder

Abhishek Mishra


The ERP Solutions market has grown as a result of growing digital use. With massive amounts of data must be kept, stored, and analysed, ERP market statistics demonstrate a global shift toward higher utilisation. Furthermore, the rise in challenges caused by disruption across industries is a crucial component in the market's growth. This is where 3E Consulting comes in to help business owners streamline their business procedures so they can make rapid and intelligent decisions, increasing productivity, sales, and profits.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider Magazine, Abhishek Mishra, Co-Founder at 3E Consulting speaks more about the unique traits of the company.

ERP systems have evolved as the foundation of productive information management. Where does 3E Consulting stand as a solution provider in the industry?
We are a young and dynamic tech driven company which has been providing result-oriented solutions for our clients across healthcare, manufacturing and retail. 3E stands for ‘Explore, Explain and Execute,’ where in, we first explore the challenges of our client’s business so as to devise the best fit solution then explain to the customer on how we can address the problem in the best possible manner and then we plan for the execution mode. This is one of the biggest differentiating factors which sets us apart from the other players in this space. We don’t just provide services to our customers, but we rather handhold them to ensure business success.

ERP systems are a vital component of many organizations'success. What makes 3E Consulting’s solutions unique?
Unlike other business solution implementation businesses, we take an inverted strategy in which we first assist business owners in identifying particular outcomes that will benefit their business and then recommend the best solution that meets those object tives. Customers who appreciate our work are those who are focused on business growth and efficiency by implementing proven solutions and exact metrics to make quick and informed judgments without wasting time on data maintenance.

3E Consulting helps business owners stream line their business procedures so they can make rapid and intelligent decisions, increasing productivity, sales and profits

Tell us about your products portfolio. What is the level of technology capabilities and innovations that 3E Consulting’s is looking at?
3E Consulting provides dynamics 365 Finance & Operation Implementation, a strong Microsoft Dynamics ERP perfectly suited for large enterprise organisations. We offer Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation, an Intelligent ERP for midsized organisations. We also provide Dynamics 365 Power BI Implementation, which is a Data Visualization and Business Intelligence solution that turns data from various data sources to interactive dashboards and BI reports. In today's commercial world, a firm requires dependable reporting and analysis of its ever-increasing data. Businesses require data consolidation and integration for many degrees of aggregation, ranging from customer service to partner integration to top level executive business decisions. This is where we are with data ware housing, utilising

AI/ML technologies to simplify reporting and analysis. As data volumes increase, so does the use of data warehouses in business.

Tell us about the experience the customers are entitled to, including the engagement models and the after sale support.
Right from implementation, interaction, consulting, to training, 3E Consulting has been handholding its clients at every parameter. The objective of the 3E Customer Help team has always been to deliver high quality, responsive support to our customers. A committed staff of support analysts and consultants is dedicated to providing application support and service to our customers across enormous geographical boundaries. This is backed by our team of experienced professionals who have been leveraging decades of experience across every segment that we cate to. Apart from this, we have unique risk management skills to ensure proper deliverability of solutions. We have been catering to some of top giants like AamorInox, Rookie, SSIPL, Paras Hospitals, Bikaji, Apollo, Medica, Accord Hospital, JU Agri among others.

What are the opportunities that you foresee? Which are the areas that 3E Consulting is going to advance in and what’s its future roadmap?
We are integrating advanced technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop robust ERP systems & solutions. We are trying to bring the best out of any business data pool by making it more organized to ensure proper flow of business activities. Our mission and vision going forward would be to provide the best of people, process and technology for our customers so to bring the needed innovation.

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3E Consulting: Combining The Best of People, Process & Technology For Successful Business Operations