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4 Technologies: Point to Point Enterprise IT Solutions

Vivek Kaushal ,  Strategy & Operation Head

Vivek Kaushal

Strategy & Operation Head

As IBM partners and member of the Partner World, 4 Technologies has access to a broad range of resources to help us build, sell and implement solutions based on the latest IBM products and services in the Corporate Performance Management space. The firm’s key capabilities include corporate performance management and business intelligence. More so,4 Technologies has specialization in terms of ML, AI and Data Science and Big Data Analytics.

In conversation with Vivek Kaushal, Strategy & Operation Head, 4 Technologies

In today’s competitive marketplace, executive leaders are racing to convert enterprise insights into meaningful results. How does 4 Technologies leverage the perfection of IBM products to provide best in class solution?
4 Technologies practices expertise in IBM’s COGNOS TM1. This product from IBM enables organizations to optimize performance through advanced planning, analytics, modeling, and reporting. IBM Cognos TM1 applications are supported by its patented, 64-bit, in memory online analytical processing (OLAP) server,

which provides on demand analytics of complex multi dimensional data with real time analysis and calculation performance.

4 Technologies deliver world class consulting solutions on Data Science, Big Data Analytics, RPA, Planning Analytics and Business Intelligence

IBM Cognos TM1 Pattern uses reusable and customizable components that collectively make an automation package for the solution deployment. This automation package decreases the time and costs of a solution deployment and shortens the time to value by automatically creating middleware assets.

For an American multinational financial services corporation, we are building models into Cognos TM1. This will enable the organization to design their Annual Operating plans, demand planning, and forecasting etc. This is more like a functional tool than a technological tool. This is including KPI based reporting, dashboarding with the help of IBM Cognos tool.

Also, our Deep Dive Cognos TM1 Services include End 2 End TM1 rollouts, TM1 health check & architecture review of client’s existing implementation, upgrade & migration services, comprehensive post implementation program for supporting TM1 through training, resource augmentation, advisory and future planning. More so, our CARE program under takes onsite/remote support with

quantitative benchmarking.

In a competitive business world, the demand is high for actionable insight to take correct and effective decision. How does 4 Technologies deliver best of the solutions to business through a consulting approach?
We have a process oriented approach where we are interviewing our customers,try to understand clients’ problem statement and offer prototyping so that they too can understand the technology being implemented through the insights. Our team of industry experts understands the existing pain points and has acquired the domain knowledge through years of experience with IBM products and solutions. We are in the best form to handhold our clients right through the entire deployment process. Since this a process oriented approach or prototype based approach, every time a huge challenge arrives, we take the agile and Scrum paths and then evaluate and implement the solution. A well defined knowledge base under the vigilance of the core management team helps our clients assess their needs, evaluate the applications and solutions delivered though our delivery model.

What does 4 Technologies has in store for the future? Which new domains or product segment are you venturing into in the years to come?
We have our very own Bot platform that can talk to any database, IBM platform, Qlik or Tableau based on its NLP based engine. This bot can answer strategic questions like the revenue and ways to boost the revenue. This is our home grown product. And in future we are excited to bring forth our industry ready model that can assist any industry and present actionable insights for queries like revenue optimization, Customer acquisition etc.

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