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Comnet Vision India: Cost Effective End-To-End Business Solutions

P K Sharma,Director

P K Sharma


Comnet is a progressive value add system integrator &reseller of hardware & software Information Technology products and services. The company establishes strategic partnerships with their clients, in the areas of offshore IT deployment, Management, Edge Computing, eco structure, Device Management and specialization Server, Storage, Power Products(UPS), Data Center and Micro Data center enablement. Also, Comnet creates a business impact and become a competitive advantage for their clients, by virtue of world class and cost effective service delivery.

In conversation with P K Sharma, Director, Comnet Vision India Private Limited

Organizations integrating new age software technology will always require hardware products for systems and another business process. How is Comnet working in this space?
Apart from enterprises productivity products, Comnet is working specifically in the area of technology value addition by providing a various solution like server, data center products including high end networking for server or data centers, clustering, high availability, DR,virtualization, and connected storage solutions.

Comnet has edge over others since it has experience of more than 25 years in IT deployment, 70+ dedicated employees in Sales and support including pre sales and technical skilled people, over 100+Crore Revenue.

Strong association with vendors like Lenovo, IBM, HPE, Dell-EMC, Schneider, Vertiv, Eaton, Canon, Polycom, Compvault, VMware, Nutanix and many more. Comnet has sufficient stock of 10+ Crore at any given point of time for Server, UPS and other Data center products for catering to urgent deployment for needs of end customers as well as channel partners.

Comnet works as a service provider and provides services in warranty support for IBM server

In what ways does your after sales service ensure convenience and enhanced productivity to the clients by all means?
Comnet works as a service provider and provides services in warranty support for IBM server, Lenovo Servers, computer and various ups & power products like APC from Schneider, Vertiv, and Eaton including Cooling rack, etc. Comnet also provides support for Canon large printer on repairs as well as a consumable update like ink updates and per page management of printing. Majority of Engineers are certified by the respective vendors. Comnet works for channel partner as value added re-distributor and with the corporate, institutions & federal government houses. Since we maintain stocks, sells and provide services. We can accomplish any IT needs faster than others.

The IBM products can beopted from any source by the organization. How is Comnet’s approach towards providing IBM products different from similar vendors in the market?
Comnet is one of the oldest partners of IBM for Servers. This clearly gives us an edge over others to become a preferred vendor for various organizations. Comnet also maintains server stock of various ranges of servers and options like RAM, SSD Hard Disk, raid cards, and various others add on products. Hence, Comnet can supply the servers and

other products much faster than any other vendor. Further, Comnet also maintains a good stock of power products, large printer,and servers which can supply and configure solutions much faster.

Can you share an implementation story that has brought great success to your organization?
One of our customers, a big Stock Brokering company had a fire in the office in old Delhi. Due to fire, the entire IT Infra was disrupted. The hardware was in half-burnt condition. The leftover was also wet with water and gases used to control the fire. Majority of the servers were of IBM & Lenovo brand including very old models.

Comnet has presales and postsales support team, being Authorized Service Provider, Off the shelf availability of various products of various brands. We deployed our Team who collected all the burnt hardware, made repairs wherever possible, replaced whatever was to be replaced and provided new hardware required. We used various materials from our service center stock inventory and also from fresh sell able stock like IBM blade center Chaises, blades, ram HDD, UPS, racks, networking products, etc. After regress working of three days and nights, we recovered 90 percent of Data and made 95 percent operational in three days. The most important part was to make it functional in the shortest possible time, recover data to the extent possible.

What further innovation/add-ons/ features do you plan to include in your company?
IT is a very fast changing technological business. Everyone needs to work hard and always need to keep on updating the knowledge base to remain in this business. In the future, no intermediate partners will be required for fulfilling fast run rate products. Partners who have a vision for hybrids options, ready to use small effective multiple solutions and ease of offerings will remain in this business. Hence, we are ready with a more focused approach for hybrid solutions,IoT options, and allied products, data center offering, edge solutions,etc.

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