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Aarav Infotech: One Stop Solution for Web Design, Management & maintenance Services

Jitendra Raulo,Founder & CEO

Jitendra Raulo

Founder & CEO

Aarav Infotech is a reputed Web Design & Digital Marketing company located in Mumbai, which serves clients from diverse backgrounds globally. Aarav Infotech specializes in Website Maintenance & Management services and has CRM system to manage small & large websites. Since 2010, Aarav Infotech helps websites to increase their organic search score drastically in order to compete for the highest rankings. The company delivers specialized and customizable digital marketing services and web services to meet well-defined goals for individual clients and businesses across the globe. The company believes in directing their clients to choose the right approach with an ideal mix of online marketing channels. Following is an excerpt from our discussion with Jitendra Raulo, the CEO of the Aarav Infotech. He explains us how the company endeavours to grow with clients by creating commendable and award-winning works in digital marketing and web design.

As online presence has become an obligatory aspect of any company, most of them are highly benefitting from a strong web presence. That said, how does Aarav Infotech serve to the interests of the clients looking to establish themselves online?
Understanding the boom of the digital era, almost all organizations have to come online. Additionally, the current

Covid-19 crisis raised a compulsion to come online to manage even day-to-day business activities. We have seen a massive rise in demand for online tools and software. Being Google Reseller Partner, we provide G Suite Business Solution which comes with a lot of productivity features like Gmail, Meet, Chat, Docs, Slides, Form, Slides, and much more.

Being Google Reseller Partner, we provide G Suite Business Solution which comes with a lot of productivity features like Gmail, Meet, Chat, Docs, Slides, Form, Slides, and much more

The sophisticated offerings provided by G Suite help organizations equip with enterprise grade solutions that cater to various business needs. Kindly throw some light into your G Suite business solutions that help in streamlining business operations effectively.
Nowadays, working is not limited to the office only. Hence, the email accessibility being anywhere is mandatory. G Suite provides 30GB of Cloud Email Storage along with Gmail interface. One can set-up their email in multiple devices, along with keeping them synced together. Further, we have seen Google Meet helping a lot in team collaboration who are working from home especially in this Covid-19 crisis. One can create unlimited files, docs, sliders, and can work together seamlessly. G Suite supports live synchronization when multiple persons are working on the same document.

For companies that are often encountered with penalties for violating Google’s guidelines, how does Aarav emerge to save their website from a bad impression?

We have one dedicated service for this, that’s Reputation Management Services. Reputation Management Service can be retrieving from bad reputation or improving good reputation. If you have ever violated Google’s guidelines and further penalized, we have a standard procedure to follow and undo all the activities which were impacted. Further, we raise concerns with Google to remove the penalties.

Kindly share a success story that has earned considerable reputation for the company.
In the year 2014, when we be¬came Google Reseller Partner, it became our major achievement at that time and attracted many of our clients to opt for the G Suite Services. Having collaborated with Google Team, we provided first-level service to our clients, and it made us popular in our industry.

Mahendra Raulo, Marketing Director

What further do you plan for Aarav Infotech?
We have envisioned to become a premium choice for digital solutions. Our vision is to enable digital transformation through maximising business potentials. Our goal is to emerge as a global player in digital solution & marketing by 2025, for which we have already taken required measures. Recently, we have launched India’s First Systemized Website Maintenance Program and many more such solutions in the development phase. There are many cards to unfold.

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