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Adaptable Services: Where Businesses Adapt To Perennial Success

Kerul Patel,CEO

Talk about experience economy, we live in a world of ‘Insta-Everything’. It only requires a simple idea to innovate, making finance platforms so effortless and interoperable. The questions is, are banks catching-up? Evident from various reports, banks today are under strong pressure to both perform and stay relevant in the market at the same time - a by-product of rapid innovation in this sector! While digitization gives a makeover to modern banking, community banks - one of the last bastions of a shared economy - are up against a stiff challenge. And rightly so, the penetration of IT awareness is low.

Therefore, in their stride to stay relevant, cooperative banks are fast turning to technology – a business opportunity for many if stepped-in carefully! According to the RBI, the number of financially weak urban cooperative banks (UCBs) has declined. In a report published in December, the RBI said the number of cooperative banks reduced to 1,551 in March 2018 from 1,926 in 2004. Their gross bad loans have also reduced to less than 10 percent from nearly 25 percent in the same period. While a clean-up has helped these organisations stabilize, what they need is technology to support their fight to remain relevant in the future.

That said, in an era of smartphones, high speed connectivity, artificial intelligence and machine learning, simple community-based, branch-led financial services are not enough. Such banks need Cloud, and a proper handholding through their journey to Cloud. While they understand that innovation is the key to survival, the shift to digital is expensive and comes with its own set of challenges.

Based out of Surat, Adaptable Services has made quite a name in its headquarter city with its Cloud solutions and is popular among the corporate banks of the city. Rising to fame and glory, Adaptable has quite an interesting factor presiding in its portfolio. We got into a rendezvous with the CEO of Adaptable Services to get a better understanding of their positioning. Below is an excerpt of the interaction with Kerul Patel, CEO, Adaptable Services.

Web development has flourished ever since the internet bubble. Businesses have made the best of this technology option. However, with exponential growth of data, there is a new guy in the room – Cloud. How is Adaptable adapting to the new technologies to serve the clients better? Tell us about your journey.
We started-off as ‘Pro Designz’ focusing on website development for e-Commerce. A few years later, it was baptized as Adaptable Services. We are a full-service digital studio that has been catering web design and development solutions since 2005. To list out our services, we offer a plethora of cloud solutions including data engineering, data analytics, web application development, mobile application development, domain and hosting services. To say more precisely, Adaptable Services was born out of my sheer passion for technology.

We are typically inclined towards providing application development and consultancy to corporate banks. We are helping banks to set-up their security infrastructure. I have been handling the application development charge. Earlier, we used to host applications on dedicated servers and VPS servers. Now, we have started hosting our application on Google Cloud. We have obtained the certification and have already on boarded some significant clients in Surat and Ahmedabad.

With a market swarming with Cloud solution providers, Adaptable must have a trick or two up its sleeves to have gathered such esteemed clients. Tell us what’s different about your approach or technology?
Ever since our ‘Pro Designz’ days, we have been doing so much with so little for so long that we are now qualified to do anything. Adaptable is building a reputation for always adopting the latest in technology and providing solutions which are ‘adaptable’ for our clients. Added to the old portfolio of services we offered as Pro DesignZ, Adaptable Services is stocked-up with more essential services like Cloud Consulting, Cloud Migrations, Cloud Managed Services, Cloud Infrastructure Solutions, Data Services, Digital Marketing, Infrastructure and Security Consultancy.

Blending our solid business experience, technical expertise, reflective knowledge of latest industry trends and quality-driven delivery model, we offer progressive end-to-end digital solutions

As an organization, we are always committed to our work and centralize our work around customer satisfaction. More so, we achieve our goal by the time. We have long term relationship with our clients like The Surat City Police, The Surat People’s Bank, The Varachha Co Operative Bank, The Southern Gujarat Chamber Of Commerce and Industry (SGCCI), Global Surveys, Sarvajanik Education Society and more. Our average client retention period is more than 10 years and we continually serve them at our best.

eChallan System for Surat City Traffic Police is our most valuable project. This project was initiated by Honorable Prime Minister NarendraModi in early 2013, and it is the first ever project started in India. We were invited to build online system for eChallan system including online payment and complete digitalisation of the project in 2016, and we feel very proud that we delivered above their expectations. Our eChallan system is unique in one way or another. The most important part of our developed system is POC (Point of collection system), and we involved some of the major co-operative banks to collect payment of eChallan System. These banks are using our developed POC system for eChallan Payment collection, and in no time, citizen will get payment confirmation by SMS. This is a kind of system which is still unique and it facilitates more payment options to citizen of Surat.

A growing organization is known by the challenges it’s faced and its calibre to keep going. What sort of challenges Adaptable faced upon entering the market?
Given our background in web development, clients were earlier sceptical about our capabilities in providing infrastructure and cloud

solutions. And we cannot complain. Out target clients were banks and government sectors mostly when we started-off. Banks cannot trust a new comer with their data. Nevertheless, in a matter of one to one and a half years, we grew to our full potential and earned our clients’ trust. We started building custom-made solutions for the banks and gradually built on our reputation. Our growth has been steady and organic. Currently, we are working together with 16 corporate banks in Surat.

What sets you apart from your peers in the market?
We’re a full service digital agency with a proven track record in web design, web development, mobile application development and digital marketing. We like to keep things simple; the word ‘complicated’ simply isn’t in our vocabulary. We design and build solutions to your digital challenges and help your business succeed to the best of its ability.

Blending our solid business experience, technical expertise, reflective knowledge of latest industry trends and quality-driven delivery model, we offer progressive end-to-end digital solutions. Our in-house development team uses the appropriate technology to quickly deliver applications that tackle key customer and business needs.

Using the very latest hardware, software and cloud-based technologies, we provide hosting to over 1000 websites on our high-performance servers. Depending on your needs, we can deploy your website to one of our cost effective shared servers, or if you need something really powerful, we can deploy the site to a completely dedicated physical server with the specification of your choice. Run an online shop and require an encrypted connection (HTTPS/SSL)? No problem, we can set-up the relevant precautions and security to keep your e-Commerce stores transactions safe and secure.

Tell us in detail about your web development practices.
We build simple website, website portal, web application or enterprise application development on top of our own created CMS framework a.k.a. Pro CMS. It’s an Enterprise Grade CMS framework which is highly scalable and can run on any PHP supported hosting environment. We design engaging user experiences for the web and all mobile platforms, cohesive brand identities, prototypes and proof-of-concepts, and we audit & test information architecture and usability. Our dedicated design & development teams combine solution usability and functionality with quality of implementation.

“We’re a full service digital agency with a proven track record in web design, web development, mobile application development and digital marketing”

We use proven methodology for creating website or web application to get maximum ROI. Our process for every project starts with understanding your customer’s needs & your business objectives and identifying the best way to satisfy both.

Adaptable has come a long way since 2005, with a plethora of solutions and clients seeking the same. What are your future goals for the company?
We are in talks with a few banks in Surat and will soon be moving their on-premise infrastructure to Cloud. We are also currently preparing for Cloud security certifications. That wouldn’t be long, as we’re at our helm of offering quality services, and our data security strategies are proven with a number of banks within the state of Gujarat. Hopefully, in a few months, we will go full throttle with several other major banks across the geography of India.

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Adaptable Services: Where Businesses Adapt To Perennial Success