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Accel: Building Cybersecurity Solutions In Digital Transformation Era

Diptesh Saha,  Practice Head- Cyber Security & Managed Services

Diptesh Saha

Practice Head- Cyber Security & Managed Services

Cyber preparedness and strategy are key to achieving business compliance. Cyber insurance is becoming critical for organizations as a risk treatment plan to safeguard their financial loss. While many in the league claim to offer product-based solutions, identification of the gaps is a necessary step before any execution. This will not only bring out the existing loopholes in the digital infrastructure but will also help adopt strategies, both educational and implementational, to mitigate risks. Accel is one such company offering turnkey solutions & services around Cyber Security & Managed Services, DC & Cloud Solutions, and Managed IT Services to more than 800 fortune customers.

In a conversation with CIO Insider, Diptesh Saha, the Practice Head, Cyber Security & Managed Services at Accel shares his journey so far and the capabilities the tech-empowered cyber security company ensures to its clients.

Tell us about the inception story of Accel Limited and the benchmarks it has set in the industry so far.
Accel IT Services was founded as a division of Accel LTD, a BSE Listed organization. It began its journey in the year 1991 asa vendor independent IT services company headquartered in Chennai, India. Over the years, a passion for excellence and an unwavering focus on customer service saw the transition of the start-up into a successful technology services Group. Recently ,Accel has made strategic investment in Secure Inteli a global Cyber Security consulting service firm to bring best of best of expertise to customers in India.

Cyber-attacks spiked during Covid affecting operations of many businesses. Could you tell us how your

solutions helped businesses to get back on track in the market?
The pandemic began with lockdowns and a quick transition to remote work. In a matter of weeks, organizations had to transition to remote work, where possible Organizations started consolidating their Offices and moving critical Infra & Applications to Cloud. The vastly expanded remote workforce resulted in a surge in the number and severity of attacks related to the weaknesses in underlying IT infrastructure. As the entire country was working from home and accessing the company’s information and Data from their personal devices. This was the time we need to be more careful in terms of securing our data and assets.

Accel is committed to its customers in building new cyber security capabilities and services in keeping with the ever-changing landscape

Some of the risks were using insecure Wi-Fi networks, using personal devices that may be poorly protected, scams and malicious emails targeting employees, and lack of training or understanding of best practices when it comes to information security.

We launched a free assessment for customers to identify the gaps and take necessary measures to protect the environment. It helped organizations effectively create a working document for the Business to record the measurement taken and significantly reduce the chances of becoming a victim of cybercrime.

Briefly tell us about the workforce of the company responsible for its

success.What makes the company unique?
Cyber Security is a business of Trust and people plays the most important role. As an organization , we believe in ubuntu culture and encourage young minds to think innovative and do new experiments. Our team has 400 years of work experience in driving Security Consulting services, setting up global Security Operations with heterogenous skilled experts and certifications such as CISSP, OSCP, CISM, CISA, CEH, PMP and ISO.

What are the recent industry trends adopted by the company?
The company addresses the solutions through the following Mapping business risk with human risk and Cyber risk has been our strategy for the board, and adoption of the framework, architectures, and capabilities emerged in the technology ecosystem for improving the security posture; Building an advanced threat intelligence ecosystem and deriving contextual predictive analysis using threat hunting activity; Building capability in monitoring the exit nodes of TOR networks to discover the hacked, dumped data, accidental data spills in deep web and Dark web; Promoting the adoption of standards while selecting, evaluating, implementing, and operating devices solutions, and platforms.

What are the plans of Accel Limited? How does it plan to execute them?
Our recent strategic investment in Secureinteli is in line with our YOY investment commitment to customers. Being a security Consulting & Engineering services firm, the team is working with a mission to make the internet a safer place.

Accel is focusing on the following- Building a cyber intelligence center and developing a comprehensive analysis of the current state vs future state of threats to build predictive capability, strengthening incident and emergency response capabilities with deception strategy to achieve MTTD & MTTR critical for BFSI segments, focus on enhancing OT security capability and integrating that with organizational IT security, helping customers in implementing standards, frameworks, and reference architectures for the adoption of IoT for enhanced cyber security, privacy, and safety.

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