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Cymune: Helping Businesses Combat Cyber Security Threats Intelligently & Comprehensively

Yogesh Potdar,  Vice President

Yogesh Potdar

Vice President

With businesses adopting the digital landscape, cyber security has taken on a new meaning. As an enterprise transforms digitally, the bigger the threat landscape becomes. While technology advancement is an inevitable component in today’s world, it comes with a catch. While it has enabled businesses to perform more precisely and intelligently, cybercrime has also increased many folds. Hackers, over time, are getting more sophisticated and their attacks more malicious. This reality mandates that every business needs new capabilities to protect themselves from lethal cyberattacks by adopting a robust security posture.

Presenting Cymune, a company that helps businesses fight against cybercrime, protect patented data, and diminish security risks. Their aim is always to help transform businesses by removing any security hurdles with the help of their team of security experts and technologists, operations specialists, researchers and ethical hackers.

Currently in conversation with Yogesh Potdar, Vice President, where we learn in detail about the company’s offerings and its journey to success.

Tell us about the inception story of Cymune and the benchmarks it has set in the industry so far?
We are the experts born out of Locuz, one of the predecessor companies of Cymune, with more than two decades of experience leading several transitions. In these two decades we have immersed ourselves extensively in core datacenter related technologies, solving a wide gamut of infrastructure challenges of our clients. At Cymune we improve business operations by leveraging our industry-wide experience in security, expertise in cutting-edge security technology and extensive portfolio of security services.

We understand the challenges

our clients face every day, because many of our people have often been on the other side of the table as well. We have helped more than 150+ enterprises to fight against cyber crime, protect patented data, and diminish security risks. We assist 24/7 from our Global SOC in Hyderabad. Cymune has added customers in practically every industry vertical offering its wide variety of services from Assessments, to point solutions to full-blown Managed Security Services. Cymune offers a choice of delivery models to suit the requirements of a project, we do not believe in one size fits all because it truly does not. Customizations are necessary because every client often poses a unique challenge which requires a tailored approach.

Our leadership team’s aim behind carving out Cymune was to have the single-minded focus in delivering latest innovations insecurity that makes businesses secure and sustainable

Give a brief account about the kinds of new technologies leveraged by the company that mitigate cybersecurity risk and impacts on the way businesses approach their security spend over the next half of the decade.
With decades of experience in the cyber security industry our executive leadership team is well equipped and ready to help organizations tackle any security-related challenges. Our leadership team’s aim behind carving out Cymune was to have the single- minded focus in delivering latest innovations in security that makes businesses secure and sustainable. Some of the most innovative technologies we use to mitigate cyber risks are Security Advisory & Risk Quantification,XDR, Cloud Security, AI enabled Ransomware Protection, Zero Trust Managed SOC(IT & OT), Continuous Compliance VMaaS(Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service) and Application Security to name a few.

Could you give a brief account about the company’s threat modelling service?
We understand that,'Threat modelling is a highly complex undertaking, especially as the threat landscape continues to become more sophisticated by the day. Therefore, we help simplify it for our


Cymune Threat Modelling Services can help achieve security by design in a project and mitigate cyber threats before they hit the applications. As an iterative process, our threat modelling service assesses and quantifies vulnerabilities according to their potential for damage to the organisation and identifies the most effective information security solutions that can be deployed to mitigate them, along with recommendations for how to focus resources to provide the most protection. Some of our services around Threat Modelling are Cyber Risk assessment Services,Cyber Risk Quantification, strategy, planning advisory services, Cyber Kill Chain & MITRE ATTACK Matrix mapping & proactive hunting, Threat hunting Services, Vulner ability management as a service and Red Teaming.

Tell us about a recent challenging case study reflecting the success of the company's solutions that were deployed to draw positive outcomes?
We helped a Miami based Global MVNO with 25M subscribers and 1100 agents set up a Zero Trust SOC, delivering truly world class offshore services. With a strong team of more than 20+ cyber security experts supporting them 24/7 and helping them radically increase visibility to security incidents and events from 40 percent to 99 percent in only 18 months, while reducing their existing MTTR & MTTD by more than 45 percent, and operating costs by 22 percent.

What are the opportunities that you foresee?Which are the areas that Cymune is going to advance in and what’s its future roadmap?
Cymune contributes to every stage of an enterprise’s security lifecycle. As enterprises are investing more in the cloud, building data lakes, and deploying complex applications serving their global business footprint, the demand for holistic security will only increase. We expect to make most of our security offerings SaaS and subscription based, making it easier and cheaper for our customers to adopt our services and grow with a predictable investment.

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