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Aeonx Digital Solutions: Leading Digital Transformation Specialists Offering World Class Rise With SAP & SAP Cloud Solutions

 Deepak Bhardwaj,   Founder

SAP solutions have evolved to become the world's largest software vendor, providing management solutions in crucial areas such as finance, human resources, and logistics. It enables the flawless development and maintenance of business processes and solutions that enable seamless data processing and information flow across businesses. AeonX Digital Solutions is a specialized business consulting firm that specializes in guiding companies to transform themselves digitally. Being a SAP Gold Partner, the company deals in license resell, SAP Implementation, SAP Application Management Services and SAP Education/Training. The license resell service includes resell and implementation for various SAP cloud products such as Rise with SAP, Ariba, Success Factors, SAC and BTP. AeonX Digital is also an AWS Advanced Tier Partner and offers AWS & DevOps consulting for developing solutions and services. It believes that empowering thoughts and engaged efforts to serve better will surely increase prospects. AeonX leverages decades of unparalleled experiences as it is the offspring of a 60-year-old global multinational conglomerate.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights Magazine, Deepak Bhardwaj, Founder at AeonX Digital Solutions (an offspring of a 60-year-old global multinational conglomerate named Ashapura Group) walks us through his professional journey along with the unique traits of the company. Here is the highlight from the interaction.

Tell us about the inception story of AeonX Digital & the benchmarks it has set in the industry so far.
AeonX Digital Solutions made its first strides into the IT business in 2015, led by a seasoned and diverse team. We started as SAP consultants and quickly expanded to offer comprehensive ERP consulting, IT strategies, system integration, and problem-solving solutions. We have seamlessly provided end-to-end SAP services along with

infrastructure and security support to our clients over the last seven years, after exceeding their expectations, we have enabled them to further explore options for enhancing their external digital footprint in marketing, tendering, and procurement.

With The Critical Mass Of Relevant Experience And Expertise To Achieve Excellence In Information Technology Services

With the critical mass of relevant experience and expertise to achieve excellence in Information Technology services, we are keen to enlarge our footprint across cutting edge domains. We believe in achieving sustainability by providing the best services and solutions, which leads to longterm relationships. Our professionals' knowledge, experience, and dedication have already resulted in longterm relationships that have grown in depth with the sophistication of our clients' IT requirements. We try to be the best in providing overall value pack services. We have previously been known to create bespoke solutions in the Manufacturing, Mining, Logistics, Chemical, and Consumer Packaged Goods industries.

What makes the company & its SAP solutions unique?
Our primary competencies include ERP consulting, problem solving, IT strategy, and system integration. Our revolutionary implementation technique ensures little disruption, lower project costs, high quality, and rapid ROI. We focus on clients and assist them build solutions to decrease long-term expenses and achieve great inhouse sustainability. Our creative business approach results in minimal operational expenses, which are passed on to our clients. We also have the expertise to provide services related to Rise with SAP. Rise with SAP is a comprehensive ERP solution from SAP with Cloud ERP for every business need, Industry next practices and extensibility & Analytics and business process intelligence.

Give a brief account on the fundamental factors you take into consideration while suggesting SAP managed application services to your clients?
Companies with an inhouse IT team are encouraged to outsource their IT needs to us. That is where the phrase 'minding

your digital business' comes from. The goal is that instead of relying on four people, they may rely on a pool of expertise. Remote consultants are currently servicing many clients from our 24/7 Bhuj delivery centre. The rise in technology has boosted the use of cloud solutions, we have adapted to this trend and we suggest revolutionary solutions such as Rise with SAP, since having a cloud solution not only helps you be more agile, but also saves a lot of infrastructure and other costs.

What are the upcoming technological industry trends that the company is looking to adopt?
We intend to modernize the traditional methods of doing corporate operations, the use of Rise with SAP being one of the catalysts of digital transformation.

Censor-based IoT- Improving supply chain processes, by implementing censors and getting data on your computer, for example using weighing bridge technology, track trucks and keep track of whether stock was dropped or picked up.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
Plan your upcoming production according to AI recommendations based on previous year's data. It also tells you how much the raw material costs and advises you to prepare for a variety of impending issues.

IoT-enabled predictive maintenance- Ball mills use gears to rotate and at times, vibrate at a very high frequency, which is undesirable. We install vibration sensors in gearboxes so that when the rotation frequency becomes too high, a notification is sent so that you should take care of it and, more significantly, you are always informed of any mishaps.

What is the future of AeonX? How does it plan to execute them?
Going forward, we wish to develop software that will aid enterprises in their digital transformation. Our vision is to be a one-stop digital partner that can meet the needs of large corporations under one roof.

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Aeonx Digital Solutions: Leading Digital Transformation Specialists Offering World Class Rise With SAP & SAP Cloud Solutions