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Denova Glosoft:Helping Enterprises Navigate Disruptions & Uncertainty through Future-proof SAP Solutions & Services

  Rajesh Poojary,    SAP Practice Head

Rajesh Poojary

SAP Practice Head

You would probably remember the German national football team’s unbeaten run in the 2014 FIFA World Cup if you love football. Following a 7-1 victory against Brazil in the semifinals, Germany brought Argentina to their knees in a nail-biting final that went on to win 1-0 in extra time. But the real hero, the 12th man, during their dream run, was big data analytics. Using SAP HANA, Germany recognized their average ball possession time and reduced it from 3.4 seconds to 1.1 seconds. If big data analytics can help win the world cup in 2014, imagine what it can achieve now. This legendary anecdote is a reminder of everything groundbreaking about digital transformation and the need to use the right technology in the right way at the right time. The key to any digital transformation is to recognize the organization’s pain points meticulously and effectively address them. This is precisely where Denova Glosoft (DGL or Denova) excels. One of the leading software development companies in the middle east providing 360-degree full IT services, Denova helps enterprises navigate disruptions and uncertainty through a wide range of requirement-centric future-proof SAP solutions & services. CIO Insider interviews Rajesh Poojary, Delivery Lead, Denova Glosoft, to learn further about this proposition.

The snippets of the conversation with Rajesh, SAP Practice Head, Denova GloSoft.

Tell us about the inception story of DGL & the benchmarks it has set in the industry so far.
Today DGL is a trusted name for SAP and other ERP Solutions. Though we started as a website development company, our customers, noticing our professionalism and capabilities, asked us to work for their ERP, and from there, the saga started. We climbed step by step and ensured that every step was concreted well so that we could add

multiple floors. Today, with the support of our unique team, customers, and our principles, we are achieving success.

What makes the company & its SAP solution unique?
The uniqueness is in our approach. The solutions that we provide our customers with are not merely as their SAP Partners. From the moment we engage, every one of our team members becomes a stakeholder in customer success.

The solutions that we provide our customers with are not merely as their SAP Partners. From the moment we engage, every one of our team members becomes a stake holder in customer success

Our Team members are not only SAP Consultants, they boast the experience of working in different industries. Hence, on day one, we can speak their business language, which is the turnaround point, and the customer understands that DGL is not only an SAP Partner, but their consultants have worked in their industry. They can expect value-add solutions, and DGL and its Team will address their pain areas.

Our Solutions are unique, the fundamental reason is that we understand the business, and our solutions are built around the same. And in our discussions, our customers get confidence that they are in safe hands. Furthermore, we ensure the best practices and do hand holding training as well.

What are the major factors you consider while suggesting SAP-managed smart solutions to enterprises?

We kick-start our engagements by understanding the industry and specialty of the client’s business and their process. We propagate through a high-level presentation, including how the process should be. We bring all our expertise in and also follow modern technology of management. All our discussions/Presentations/Solutions are followed with SAP Best practices and various audit practices. DGL is very clear about the fact that we, as SAP Partners, will put every effort into making customers understand the value of SAP ERP and what we are presenting. Most importantly, we don’t practice outselling.

What are the upcoming technological industry trends that the company is looking to adopt?
The upcoming trend of technology is more into Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. DGL is a very dynamic company. Though SAP is our bread and butter, we are also involved in developing different products, to name a few, we have our own products catering to the Retail, Construction, Entertainment & Manufacturing industries. We do have a team that develops Mobile Applications.

Today, we are not aggressive in investing in AI & ML as our team is focusing on establishing our products in other regions, but DGL has made the plan for investment and blueprint for AI & ML technologies. However, we work with Microsoft Azure to provide Bundle solutions and SAP to promote our products like DMS, HR, and others.

What are the future plans of DGL? How does it plan to execute them?
DGL is a progressive organization. The company holds highly skilled technocrats, who along with management, are focused on spreading the brand to MEA, ASIA & Africa. We have already opened our office in the UK this year and planning to add a few more offices in Africa & Asia.

DGL’s policy is straightforward, and that is our success sutra. We don’t limit ourselves, and we take extra effort in terms of investment in resources, infrastructure, and other related functions. We use high-end technology both internally and externally. That is why today, we are a reputed name in the market and SAP GOLD PARTNER practicing in CMMI Level-III certification with ISO standard.

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