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Agrex.AI: End-To-End Video Analytics Solutions To Make Facilities Smart

Arush Kakkar,Founder

As a company, where is positioned in the industry today? has reached a point where the product has been built in the form that clients desire. Currently, a large number of consumers are using our products and providing us with regular feedback. We're taking that feedback and using it to add a lot of new features, address some bugs, and generally improve the product. The customers who use our product are the ones that promote it in the industry. And, unlike most of our competitors our solution is the most comprehensive in the video analytics area.

What are the latest challenges that identifies for its clients and how do they help the clients cope up with the challenges?
The most typical thing we assist with is lowering supervisory costs and, as a result, increasing compliance with their own SOPs. Clients face huge difficulties in terms of personnel shortages. They must engage more supervisors to supervise each manpower they hire. So we automate a lot of monitoring to reduce the amount of staff necessary and, as a result, the supervisory costs. Because some of the SOPs that they have established inside the organization may not have been followed effectively our solutions assist in the compliance of the SOPs, which improves resource utilization and, in some cases, increases revenue all while lowering expenses.

What is the USP that sets apartfrom the rest of its competitors?

Our USP is that we have vertical integration across all of the industries and services. Everything is done inhouse, from hardwaredesign, hardware fabrication, software design, software development, to maintenance, and support, which includes both remote and physical on ground help. We don't usually employ outside vendors or partners everything is done inhouse, which means we can have a lot tighter grip on product quality and handle problems much faster. We also have a very short turn around time from the time the client requests to the time it is completed.

Our USP is that we have vertical integration across all of the industries and services.

Tell us about your portfolio of customized AI solutions.
We have AI solutions for a variety of industrial verticals, however our AI solutions are most prevalent in the retail, facility management, logistics, and security and banking industries. We assist logistic firms in improving their operations by measuring turnaround time compliance, reducing commodities theft, and in loading and unloading. When it comes to the Retail industry, we assist in identifying customer patterns and trends, which essentially means that we can detect every person entering and exiting, as well as their behavior, length of stay, amount of purchase, and whether or not they are satisfied.

Then there's the Facility Management industry, wherein we help enhance housekeeping operations security, and customer satisfaction. Furthermore we can assess the cleanliness of a range of objects including those in the Food industry.Finally in the Security and Banking industries, we assist in improving ATM security. Our systems can identify and give alerts to anything that goes wrong in ATMs, so any

attempt at theft can be detected and reported to the security agency.

What are the opportunities that you fore see and where do you see in the coming years?
We've selected five industries where our software has the greatest direct and immediate impact. So, the initial goal is to ideally saturate the market with our software, allowing many businesses to reach their maximum potential. Simultaneously, in a few years we plan to expand into the Middle East and Southeast Asia and later in Europe and the US as well. In addition, we'd like to create add ons for our productas well as integrations with other processes that our clients already use. And the key to achieving all of these is to hire the right people to accomplish the right things as I always feel that a company's success is determined by its team. In a nutshell, the whole thing is related to the people that are working in

Video analytics has become the need of the hour as the technology has progressed, offering various applications in terms of security, monitoring, and motion sensing. Video analysis has begun to provide practical and robust answers to real world problems in addition to providing a better view of what is happening. Robust video analytics platforms combine today's cutting edge technologies to offer a holistic solution that not only improves security but also allows for proactive operational support. Significantly, one of the key firms in this highly technical field is established in 2016 by Arush Kakkar. In an exclusive interaction with CIO Insider Magazine, Arush walks us through the unique traits of

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Agrex.AI: End-To-End Video Analytics Solutions To Make Facilities Smart