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Cognecto: Leveraging AI to Offer an Advanced Fleet Management Platform

Rohet Sareen,Head - Business & Product Development

Rohet Sareen

Head - Business & Product Development

The utilization as well as managing operations and breakdowns of heavy equipment is quite daunting nowadays given the criticality and long lead time for repairs and specialized manpower. The key industries impacted due to such issues are the infrastructure, construction, mining, ports and logistics industries. Catering to such impediments, The Cognecto SaaS based Platform, offers affordable and upfront cost to implement and follows a 'Pay as you Go' model for IoT as well as Analytics. In conversation with Rohet Sareen, Head of Business & Product Development, Cognecto, we will learn more about the company's journey and state of the art platform that it offers.

What prompted you to tackle challenge of Business Operations Analytics for Heavy equipment given the fact that it is highly fragmented industry with digitization being leveraged only by few large players?
In the current age of digitization, businesses leveraging heavy equipment lack insight into the real-time performance of its assets and overview of overall business operations. These assets are capital intensive from renting as well as buying or leasing perspective. This it is important that businesses leverage maximum ROI from its assets deployed in addition to getting relevant KPI for its business operations.

The current challenges faced on heavy Asset front on deployment front are many. Each projects involving HEMM has its unique set of KPI's for

performance which may be not be configured as part of standard OEM solutions. These KPI's require customization to fit into organization's performance and financial metrics. Off the shelf edge devices are not customer built for heavy equipment, require significant time for one off installation and does not meet the ability to operate in harsh environment.

In addition, there are separate players for hardware, mining, infrastructure and software solutions. While all of them may be good in their respective domains, integrating them and making it relevant for a business operations takes signification effort and often provide sub optimal solutions.

With our team of experts, we are growing rapidly and eyeing at collaborating with our customers to provide solutions that they need the most.

This is where Cognecto comes with its expertise and focuses on bringing easy to deploy and custom built Heavy Equipment management platform for industry. The company has successfully positioned itself as a one-stop-shop for all kinds of heavy equipment monitoring and optimization for both owned as well as rented assets.

Define Cognecto as an organization in the AI market and what sets it apart from others in the sphere?
A few of the features on our solutions that set us apart are ­ fuel management, field intelligence, drone integration, Automation of service Reminders, smart allocations that help manager to determine optimum mix of fleet utilization and the sequence to meet its production targets and others.

We also leverage IoT data to generate insights into productivity, safety, usage patterns, alerts fuel utilization, maintenance and more. In addition, we

have an experienced set of experts who monitor the assets for our customers and proactively advise them in case of any breakdown as well as potential issues.

Could you elaborate about the kind of customer expectations met through its solutions?
We have always worked towards enhancing customer experience with our platform and services. Our solution caters to diverse users from large scale heavy machinery operator to an SME and from homogenous asset base to heterogeneous asset base. To enhance our clients' experience further, we are introducing a concept of SaaS model where asset owner with even 10+ assets will get to be part of the IoT based application. We offer ROI to our clients in month on month basis and offer a seamless transfer of data and operations to our platform.

Where is Cognecto headed for the years to come? What are its short term and long-term plans?
With our team of experts, we are growing rapidly and eyeing at collaborating with our customers to provide solutions that enhance productivity and safety of their businesses. Some of the features that we are striving to launch in our platform are wearables (a next gen solution that would integrate the smart wearables so that the organizations can plan their workforce basis their productivity and safety), Drone Integration (potential to analyse real time video feed to detect intrusion detection, safety alarms and real time production/fleet planning allocation) and others.

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