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Analysabl: Assisting Businesses to Sail Unscathed with Top notch Cybersecurity Solutions

Vasu Adunutula,  Founder

The new normal and rapid technology advancements have made digital and cloud adoption imperative for most businesses. Thus, businesses are now getting exposed to Malware, and Cyberattacks more than ever before.Moreover, cloud Infrastructure is quite vulnerable too, even with leading providers. The world is now witnessing a huge rise of Cybercrimes and businesses are in need of partners that can help them sail unscathed amidst such technologically progressive as well as vulnerable times.

This is where Analysabl,, one of the top 10 cybersecurity startups comes into play. The company works with organizations closely to understand their current infrastructure and priorities and then offer develops the right solution framework for maximum business benefits.

In this conversation with In this conversation with Vasu Adunutula, Founder, we learn more about Analysabl & the interesting story behind its success

Tell us about the inception story of Analysabl and the benchmarks it has set in the industry so far
Analysabl was started by three co-founders with unparalleled passion and experience in Business Development, Pre-sales, Product Management and Project Management. They have a combined experience of more than 75 years and have worked in industries across multiple verticals such as Financial and Retail Self Service, Telecom, Mobility, Manufacturing and Utilities.

How your solutions help businesses operate smoothly amidst the increasing

We are in a world today where every 24 seconds, a host accesses a malicious website, every one minute a bot communicates with its command and control centre, every five minutes a high risk application is used, every six minutes a known malware is downloaded and every 36 minutes sensitive data is sent outside the organization.

We are building an audit, advisory and professional services team to help our customers navigate the modern age Cyber threats, ransom attacks and build a strong Cyber Defense

The Covid-19 Pandemic has disrupted the ways in which businesses operate. Although, traditional IT businesses that have mechanisms already in place to work remotely are coping up seamlessly with the change, sectors like manufacturing are struggling to streamline operations unimaginably.

Hence, having a robust infrastructure coupled with watertight security is essential while businesses are working from home, to prevent data breaches and security threats. Understanding this crucial pain point we offer Secure Remote Access solutions to clients that ensure security of business wise asset and data security by allowing only individuals with the right permissions in the business to get access. Our solution also ensures that access permissions are tightly controlled by defining specific device, time, duration, and location where access is to be provided.

One of the other important solutions we have driven is to ensure that our customers have the right end point security solution in place which not only can deal with zero-day attacks, but also enables backing up data to thwart any ransomware attacks. In addition, we have conducted security audits for many organizations with a thorough review of their current security posture and built a security roadmap for them aligned with their needs.

What are the fundamental factors you consider while suggesting a tool to an organization in order to build an engaging and secure workplace?
Given that most organizations work with limited budgets, it becomes difficult for them to invest in cutting-edge cyber security solutions. Thus, it is crucial for us to thoroughly understand a client’s priorities before advising on a particular security solution. Some of the important factors that we keep in mind before offering any solution to our clients are Nature of organization, Industry, Systems architecture, People and Processes.

What are the recent industry trends adopted by the company and is it working on an upcoming solution?
Catering to Industrial Cybersecurity is our primary focus. In alignment with that, we are thriving to build the right expertise within our organization and help clients combat any unprecedented business challenge. We feel that the right combination of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity skills are required to deal with threats, and to help organizations sail unscathed amidst such challenges we are pulling together a unique partnership of skilled people and experts who know the advanced nitty gritties in the Cyber security space.

What are the future plans of Analysabl?
One of the most important factors for driving the right security posture is having the right skills in place. To help fill the talent gap present in the market today, we are building a strong practice in OT and IOT Security. We see a bright future and are investing in creating Products and accelerators to scale our operation globally. Our main aim is to make security assessment and continuous monitoring a much more affordable proposition for a large number of organizations.

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Analysabl: Asssting Businesses To Sail Unscathed With Top-Notch Cybersecurity Solutions