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Eventus TechSol: Identifying and Eliminating Cyber Threats with Cutting-edge Technology

Manish Chasta,   Managing Director & CTO

Manish Chasta

Managing Director & CTO

The cyberspace is a powerful landscape but is filled with threats of cyber attacks which are increasingly becoming more concerning. The safety of the internet is no longer an issue that we don’t give enough importance to. In this space, businesses especially, need partners who can not only enable them with technological dexterity but also give them sufficient tools to counter the ever-growing multitude of attacks against cloud, along with phishing and ransomware.

Presenting, Eventus TechSol, one of the top-10 cyber security startups who come laden with niche capabilities of Breach and Attack Simulation(BAS)and Incident Response, which have been developed to urgently and immediately cater to breaches that may cause havoc. The company’s offerings are poignantly developed to safeguard the interest of businesses against these hazards by incorporating secure implementation of Cloud, Cloud security testing, continuous security monitoring, container and kubernetes security, DevOps and DevSecOps et al.

Currently in conversation with Manish Chasta, Managing Director and CTO, where we learn in detail about the company’s offerings and its journey to success.

Tell us about the journey of Eventus TechSol.
Established in 2017, as a cybersecurity system integrator, we have witnessed an upward growth trajectory in just a few years, we now have our offices in major metro cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad & New Delhi, having more than 100 customers. We are also the preferred Partner of Trend Micro, Fortinet and many other cybersecurity giants.

Our foremost priority is our customers. Their needs are our needs, and to decipher their exact requirements is the first thing we do. Once we get that part right, we offer them a unique blend of services that produces optimal outcomes. Cyber ready? No, we make them cyber resilient. We charter a path where clients can identify, prioritize, emulate and ultimately eliminate threats at not just a nascent level, but an advanced level as well.

How does your workforce enable success for your company?
Our motto: adapt, adapt,adapt! Our company is driven by passionate and skilled individuals who know how to work smart proactively, rather than reactively. We expect excellence from our team and they deliver it every time, with their constant hunger for more knowledge, and their uninhibited passion for cyber security. Armed with their zest, we have established ourselves as leaders in the field of Cyber Resilience, Managed SoC, Cloud Security like Breach Attack Simulation, Red Teaming, Blue Teaming, Incident Response and more. We also commit to 24x7 support as timely interventions are necessary to tackle sudden breaches. We are also proud to declare that our 50+ certified techno-functional consultants always stay ahead of the curve with the latest technologies and are proficient in latest cyber security advancements like cloud computing, internet of things, breach attack simulation and so on.

Our BAS offering assists organizations to identify potential loopholes and weaknesses in their environment by performing a real-time simulation in the organization’s environment, which poses just like an attacker

Tell us about a recent challenging case study reflecting the success of the company’s solutions that were deployed to draw positive outcomes?
One of our clients had a rather complex problem which we could successfully navigate. The client’s base spans 17 locations across the globe, having 17 different services to manage with 14000+ endpoints which led to a few issues. Since the user was working out of home during the pandemic, it became difficult to track and manage the policy and also to achieve compliance. Internal infrastructure management was required, for example, manual patch update, storage management and performance of the server management. The need for multiple resources in different locations arose owing to the management of servers hosted in 17 varied locations.

To address these host of complexities, we migrated the then On-prem solutions to SAAS solutions which worked perfectly. Migration from On-prem solutions to SAAS solutions come with a variety of benefits, that is, Powerful detection capabilities, No internal infrastructure required, Constant visibility and management, Introduction

of new features such as Vulnerability protection, Application Control & XDR, Cloud sandbox, Geographically diverse, Faster deployment time, High scalability, No maintenance overhead for AV server admin, Lower CapEx, Cheaper upfront investment, No additional hardware and software investments (e.g. Server, infrastructure, server OS & database license).

Can you give us a brief account on Red AI and Blue AI Cyber Resilience services and also other advanced technologies that are adopted in your solutions?
As part of Red AI, we perform OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence), Social Engineering, Intrusion and Exploitation, Breach and Attack Simulation(BAS) attacks on the enterprise. The entire engagement is mapped around the MITRE ATT & CK framework for providing a comprehensive overview. An organization's assets can be best safeguarded if multiple attacks/incidents/ campaign scenarios can be simulated which are based on updated knowledge of adversary tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).

Also, our nextgen managed SOC service or blue teaming is equipped with SIEM, SOAR, threat hunting, forensic analysis solutions and capabilities. Our integrated security framework with consolidated security options for vulnerability management, threat feed and forensic analysis covers a very wide gamut of functionalities.

Our suite of Blue Teaming exercises ensures proactive vulnerability assessment and asset discovery that minimizes risks and maximizes ROI. Customers are equipped with unified visibility across end points, network, infrastructures, perimeter devices applications and the Cloud along with all necessary government compliances.

What are the opportunities that you foresee?
It is common knowledge that cybersecurity attacks are constantly on the rise and are getting more sophisticated as we speak. Our BAS offering assists organizations to identify potential loopholes and weaknesses in their environment by performing a real-time simulation in the organization’s environment, which poses just like an attacker. This directly helps an organization to truly understand the depth of security monitoring and response capabilities that are required.

Our BAS reports are super efficient in providing exhaustive insights on what attacks were conducted, undetected, detected and blocked. Additionally, the Incident Response capabilities also help organizations in multiple ways. We are forging ahead with our advanced technology and capabilities, paving the way for a more secure cyberspace for clients.

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