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Ananth Info solutions : Automating Business Processes with Smart Technology-backed SAP Solutions

 Asuapthy Raja,   CEO

Over the years, there has been huge demand for tools that simplify the task of managing, integrating, predicting and analyzing data. SAP has time and again proven to empower organizations helping them work efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition. Large, small and mid-sized companies also leverage SAP to optimize resources. SAP provides solutions for a variety of industries like professional services, consumer products, sports and entertainment, oil and gas and so on. It allows companies to build tools to integrate SAP into various business verticals. The implementation of SAP therefore helps organizations reduce operational costs and achieve greater productivity. These days most solutions offered can be deployed both on-premise and cloud.

SAP solution providers have therefore gained the capability and prominence in the market. An example of one such company is Chennai-based Ananth Info Solutions, a SAP silver partner. Ananth Info Solutions is a leading ERP Solutions provider, helping companies of all sizes and run at their best in all industries.

In an exclusive interview with CIOInsider, Asupathy Raja,CEO at Ananth Info Solutions dives deep and tells us why his company is miles ahead.

Give us a brief account of Ananth Info Solutions

At AIS, we focus on efficiency in every phase and component of any SAP enterprise project. It was started in 2013 with a vision to provide solutions designed with purpose and intent to help everyone overcome their speed bumps and roadblocks. Senior industry experts founded the company with a collective experience of several decades and a dedicated management team with handson experience in SAP Business One right from its inception in India.

We give you industry specific deployment models to ensure fast adoption of SAP with hundreds of effective implementations

Tell us about your ERP solution portfolio
We currently have three flagship ERP solutions. These include, first, SAP Business One which is smart ERP for small businesses. SAP Business One is an inexpensive ERP solution that manages the organization from revenue,financing, procurement, inventory, sales and customer relationships to project management, operations and human resources.

Second, SAP Business by Design to handle all the functions of your business in one location. SAP Business by Design is a full end-to-end ERP solution. It unifies the accounting and finance, production, supply chain, and human resources of all your business divisions and processes in your organization.

Third, SAP Business One HANA. Steer clear of data-storage related bottlenecks with SAP HANA in the era of Big Data, big storage, big ERPs. Driven by SAP HANA, SAP Business One provides you with all the right tools to handle vast quantities of data, discover new insights, and access real-time analytics. To untangle IT complexities

and extract current and complete business knowledge, this robust solution utilizes an in memory framework.

With more businesses now relying on realtime intelligence enterprise strategies, SAP HANA provides faster and more effective results. In just a couple of seconds, its integrated instruments and next-generation technologies produce reports and responses.

What are the services that reflect in your SAP offerings and project executions?
We have laid specific focus on IoT and Cloud Integrations. We give you industry specific deployment models to ensure fast adoption of SAP with hundreds of effective implementations. By enforcing industry standard migration guidelines to provide a highly protected environment with cost efficient SAP workloads, we ensure that you get the fullest use of SAP for your company.

Also, we recognize that any company needs to plan the business process for sustainable growth, we ensure that the SAP ERP process suits the separate needs of our customers. Further, our Managed services allow the staff to concentrate with complete focus on company development, paying only for the service you need without caring about the workforce and facilities.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Ananth Info Solutions?
Since establishment, we have acquired and delivered several complex projects in SAP Business One in terms of multi countries and highvolume businesses. We have also aligned with SAP strategy in adopting HANA and cloud to be relevant in the markets.

In the future, we are planning to expand into multiple locations globally and hope to be the number one. ERP solution company in the world.

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