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Nordia: Optimizing SAP Landscape by Ensuring its Seamless IT Integration

 A. Ram Prakash,  Director

SAP has been empowering organizations to efficiently work together more and use business insight effectively to stay ahead of the competition. Both large, small and mid-size companies leverage SAP to optimize its resources. This has led to the exponential growth of SAP solution providers who have the the capability to help buy, build, implement, service, support and run any SAP solution. An example of one such company with best in class SAP managed services is Coimbatore-based Nordia.

Nordia was founded in 2010 with a vision to provide affordable, best in class SAP managed services at SAP Best Practices standards. With its unmatched expertise and decades of experience, Nordia has ensured to keep its customers’ SAP systems secure, stable, and highly available. “We monitor thousands of SAP Systems every day and our experience of migrating and installing hundreds of SAP systems have always helped us put us on top of the list”, says A. Ram Prakash, Director Strategy at Nordia. Over the years, Nordia has built world class skills to develop proven methods of SAP support, with great strategies, which allows it to offer top class services at affordable prices.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider, Ram delves deep and gives us a clearer understanding of Nordia and its high-end services. Let’s hear from him.

Give us a brief introduction of your company’s SAP offerings.
Nordia Infotech is set up by a diverse team of professionals to create a preferential choice to offer ERP solutions. We specialize to offer onshore & offshore support on ERP, Data Warehousing and on higher end technology solutions for seamless IT integration.

We are the top most service provider who can help with migration to any

cloud vendor be it AWS,AZURE or GCP or RISE with SAP migrations. We are one of the early adapters of cloud and HANA and customers have key outcomes realized from our services. We have migrated 190+ systems to public cloud for a leading industry and we were involved in India’s first SAP HANA implementation.

Nordia is fully prepared for the security challenges that will come in the next years and our solution will cover all layers of security starting from Infra, Database and application layers keeping customers feel secure and protect them from all vulnerability

Clients experience 40 percent reduction in total cost of ownership and operations using our migration tools and automation methods. Further, we boost operational efficiency by 30 percent using our single monitoring tool approach for SAP and non SAP systems. Since our foundation, we have successfully achieved impossible RTO and RPO fallback time for mission critical application using our meticulous planning in detail on every possible orchestration of failure.

What makes customers choose your products and services over others products in the market?
Our vast experience helps us to develop not only high quality products but also the methods to go with us. These include project methods, bundling products and consulting services in solutions, as well as optional solution assessment during the project development phase.

Nordia has established itself as a Specialized Technical partner for SAP technology with deep expertise on Private/Cloud Hosting and Infrastructure. Further, our fixed price policy, experienced consultants and customised solution encourages clients to choose us over others.

Tell us about the measures you have under taken to ensure security for your customers?
At Nordia, security is our top priority since security in the cloud is a shared

responsibility between us and our customers. Manufacturing industries, healthcare providers, and governmental agencies are among our customers who trust us with some of their most sensitive information. We have improved our ability to meet core security, confidentiality, and compliance requirements with our comprehensive services like SAP Security Assessment and Audit Assistance, Resolving SODs and extending SAP access control to any application, managing Vulnerabilities by hardening SAP infra space and license optimisation of SAP and non-SAP space. Our primary goal is to increase the security score on cloud to be above 98 percent. We support customers in all layers of SAP Security.

SAP Security is a balancing act for protecting the SAP data and applications from unauthorized use and access. SAP offers different tools, processes and measures for security check to protect these data. SAP security helps to ensure that users can only use the functionality of SAP which is a part of their job.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Nordia?
Our vision and mission for the future is very precise on delivering cost-effective and a secured SAP Hosting and Operational services. We plan to invest heavily on tools to support private and public cloud support of SAP systems.

We believe the next challenge is the SAP security on cloud and we would like to address that by partnering and hardening solutions that will keep customer secure and safe.

In the next five years, we are certain that we will grow and diversify at least 5X in the areas of security, operational efficiency, migrating customer to cloud and improve customer experience. We also plan to branch out and start new product partnerships and automated methodologies. Nordia will play vital role in enriching customer operations, equipped with right partners to deliver in SAP space.

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Nordia: Optimizing SAP Landscape by Ensuring its Seamless IT Integration