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Assistive: Pioneering Transformative Experiences & Shaping the Future of Business Operations

 Sayantan Hajra,   CEO & Co-Founder

Sayantan Hajra

CEO & Co-Founder

In the dynamic realm of SaaS product companies, the demands for innovative solutions and seamless integration are more pressing than ever. Businesses globally are in search of platforms that not only meet their current needs but also anticipate and adapt to future challenges. Amidst this landscape, Assistive emerges as a standout firm, distinguished by its unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. With a foundation rooted in addressing real-world challenges, Assistive has continually evolved its suite of SaaS products to meet the ever-changing demands of a global clientele. Assistive seems to be the only solution globally that covers the entire Channel-tech stack of services and this shows its dedication to providing comprehensive and seamlessly integrated solutions, reinforcing its competence in an environment where it is crucial to address business needs of today’s organizations.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider magazine, Sayantan Hajra CEO and Co-Founder of Assistive discusses the organization’s offerings, over all journey of the organization, and much more. Let’s hear it from him.

Could you give a brief account on Assistive’s journey in the industry so far?
Assistive's journey began in 2014 as a part of Channelplay, a leading retail outsourcing company. Assistive began its journey by specializing in retail execution and operations services within the larger organization. Realizing the need for real-time visibility in retail execution for Fortune 500 companies in India, we developed a Sales Force Automation (SFA) product. In 2015, we onboarded our first direct customers,

including a major consumer electronics brand in India, automating visual merchandising activities for over 2000 users.

Expanding globally, we formed partnerships, starting in the Middle East in 2016. As our product evolved, we broadened our clientele to include industries like FMCG, beverages, consumer electronics, and construction. The challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic led us to explore new opportunities, the launch of our second product, Assistive CRM, in 2022. Recognizing the need for a clear identity, we transitioned into a separate SaaS product company that year.

Our journey is marked by a commitment to cutting-edge technology, a passion for learning, & a relentless pursuit of excellence

Tell us about your flagship offerings and what makes you an ideal choice to revolutionize the way sales teams work?
Our flagship offerings at Assistive include our pioneering Sales Force Automation (SFA), Customer Relationship Mangement (CRM) and Loyalty Automation platforms. What sets us apart as an ideal choice to revolutionize sales teams is that we leverage the latest tech stacks and best practices, exemplified by our early adoption of Flutter and certifications as AWS Well-Architected. Our solutions are built on server less architecture, and cutting-edge AI tools like ChatGPT. Recognitions from G2 further validate our effectiveness. Moreover, our groundbreaking initiative, the Full Channel-Tech stack, offers an integrated platform for Sales Force Automation (SFA), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Distributed Stock Visibility and Loyalty Management, providing end-to-end solutions without integration complexities.

How would you describe the customer experience through your offerings?
Our customer experience at Assistive revolves around addressing specific challenges, such as the one faced by

India's largest private bank in enhancing financial inclusion at the village level. The bank aimed to onboard village entrepreneurs for propagating its brand and improving banking services in rural areas. The challenge was deploying a sizable field force efficiently while maintaining visibility into their operations, branding, and outcomes. Our team undertook a rapid implementation, configuring the solution within two to three weeks and the outcome was a successful pilot rollout, providing the bank with real-time insights, automated workflows, and communication channels.

How do you foster an innovative learning culture in the team to help them draw insights from the market to ensure the company stays informed of the latest trends and market fluctuations?
At Assistive, continuous improvement is a core value and our team is built on a foundation of continuous learning and innovation. We foster an environment where curiosity is rewarded and our commitment extends to promoting latest tools and incentivizing the use of AI-driven solutions. By encouraging a culture of exploration and providing opportunities for hands-on experience, we empower our team to navigate market fluctuations and maintain an informed stance in the competitive landscape to achieve their personal best at any given time.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Assistive? Where is it headed for the next five years?
The future roadmap for Assistive is marked by an ambitious expansion plan and innovative offerings. While our current focus primarily lies in India, the next quarters will witness a strategic shift towards major geographies, starting with the U.S. and then Asia Pacific. Our recognition and accolades from G2, a leading peer review software platform, have strengthened our position in these markets. Additionally, our full Channel-Tech Stack initiative will allow us to offer an integrated platform for all technology needs of companies that have channel and field operations. By revolutionizing how major brands handle traditional sales and distribution models, we aim to provide an end-to-end solution that eliminates integration complexities so that our clients get a tremendous boost in their productivity.

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