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Clinovations Systems: Rendering Turnkey ERP Solutions to the Healthcare Industry at its Best

  Sachin Gaikwad,   Founder & DIrector

Sachin Gaikwad

Founder & DIrector

Many technological advances in healthcare have not only expanded medical treatment possibilities but have also radically altered operational and clinical operations. Healthcare organizations must now optimize their internal information flow and communications to provide efficient care, owing to enhanced technology and cost-effective medical solutions. This is where healthcare ERP comes into play. Due to their rich features and capacity to provide high-quality patient care at low operational costs, healthcare ERP software solutions have achieved widespread adoption.

Clinovations Systems is one such software and ERP development firm that has been operating in the healthcare industry for the last 4 years. The firm offers software solutions to the healthcare industry that are simple to use for hospital management from the ground up. Clinovations Systems provides an end to-end Hospital Management solution that includes a patient engagement app.Providing a comprehensive solution to fulfil individual hospital requirements is always been its priority. “At Clinovations Systems, we are making perfection a habit. We are dedicated to building a strong relationship with our Clients by providing cost-effective customized solutions for streamlining their business and marketing activities. Since 2018-19, CHIS Mobile and HIS Solutions (then known as M system HIMS) and Digital Marketing have served ERP(HMS) services for a number of clients by reliable services, latest technologies, and constant updates & support,” says Bhushan Deshpande & Sachin Gaikwad CEO and Director at Clinovations Systems Bhushan Deshpande and Sachin Gaikwad enlightens us more about Clinovations Systems and its unique traits in an exclusive interview with CIO Insider.

In conversation with Bhushan Deshpande and Sachin Gaikwad, CEO, Clinovations Systems.

Could you give a brief account of CLINOVATIONS SYSTEMS' role in the software and ERP domain?
Bhushan Deshpande: Clinovations was founded in 2018-19, and we are in the healthcare sector, hospital management system domain, and we have sold to more than 100 hospitals currently. We have 100 customers in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Uttaranchal. The product's capability and our relationship with customers have enabled us in developing a clientele base of repeat orders. We are a cash-rich product firm which is quite rare. So we take pride in stating that our firm has been cash-rich since its commencement.

At Clinovations Systems, we are making perfection a habit. We are dedicated to building a strong relationship with our Clients by providing cost effective customized solutions for streamlining their business and marketing activities

Why should customers choose to rely on your services over others offered in the market?
Sachin Gaikwad: We are employed in a hospital software administration system. Software firms are separated into two categories: service-based and product-based. Our firm is a product-based firm, and the firm sells the product while also providing services. We are selling and offering the product in such a way that specific doctors or hospitals can rely on our product. There are numerous flaws, threats, and malfunctioning, but none of this is feasible with our software, which is our main selling point. We care for the client in such a way that they are willing to give the business to us.

Tell us about your services portfolio and what is the kind of customer experience delivered through your offerings.
Bhushan Deshpande: We provide end-to-end products such as OPD, IPD, pathology, and radiology to inventory pharmacy nursing, NABH, MRD, and the operation theatre. We have the capability to make a pathology interface, a radio logic interface, PACS, a webcam, a barcode smartcard interface, a token display (OPD, IPD,

Pathology, and Radiology) an SMS interface, and a WhatsApp interface, and each interface will be useful and beneficial for its own purpose. For instance, the hospital can use the pathology interface to go paperless.

Another option is to utilize that photo on a smart card for each facility which is important for patient registration, as the UHID number will be encrypted as a barcode or QR code. We have a tool like this so that it can be used automatically to capture whatever the barcode or QR code is written on pharmacy and inventory drugs. We can capture that specific barcode or QR code and reduce labour if one is working with pathology software. We have the capability to make interfaces with existing pathology machines and MRI CT Digital X-ray machine equipment, some times unidirectionally or bidirectionally. We have two products: a hospital management system and a medical college management system. It's a little bit of a different part; it's a distinction between the hospital management system and the medical college management system; there are some protocols that we do differently pro server, it's used differently in a medical college. We have four different medical colleges with us right now, and all of them have more than 550 beds in the hospital.

Bhushan Deshpande, Founder & CEO
Tell us about the technology framework residing in your offerings.
Sachin Gaikwad: We're using the .NET platform, SQL Server 19, and custom records; these are the most recent technological frameworks that we have.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for CLINOVATIONS SYSTEMS? Where is it headed for the next five years?
Sachin Gaikwad: We intend to act as a pan-Indian firm first, and then expand internationally in 2023. We are only focusing on the MENA region, which stands for the Middle East and Africa Region, where we are supposed to stand and make a business that is short term goals in the next 2-3years. Once we are satisfied with the Middle East and Africa region, we will be looking forward to the US and UK along with the required prerequisites.

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