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AtomsAlive: Introducing a Revolutionary Patented Ultra-Fast Charging Tech-Solution


Did you know that planet Earth is spinning faster this year than it has in half a century? In fact, not only the globe, the world around us is moving faster, thanks to the internet and a myriad of cutting-edge technology solutions and applications. Amidst such a fast moving world, it’s only that fair people demand faster charging solutions. Pune-based AtomsAlive Technologies is piloting a mission to make everything pertaining to charging faster. With the provisional patented tech solution, AtomsAlive specializes in providing ultra fast charging solutions for Electric Vehicles, Robot-Toys & Consumer Electronics. The company offers a wide range of ultra-fast charging tech solutions ranging from mobile accessories, wearable technology, robot-toys, drones, personal care electronics and extending further to electric vehicles & the smart IoT charging hub solutions for domestic and international markets. CIO Insider engages in an exclusive interaction with the company’s co-founder duo - Ashish Pawar (Director - Business Excellency & Technology) and Kunal Dani (Director – Business & Marketing).

In conversation with Kunal Dani and Ashish Pawar, Co-Founders, AtomsAlive Technologies

What makes your company’s charging solutions unique? And from a customer’s standpoint, why AtomsAlive?
Kunal: We, at AtomsAlive, believe in the application of revolutionary scientific knowledge and innovative thinking to fulfill our consumer centric passion for developing innovative ultra-fast charging solutions. We take pride in saying that our innovative technology is on the path to become an industry sensation. The credit goes to our state-of-the-art lab setup, engineering infrastructure and the research base winged across national and international universities, which define our ecosystem and help us stand out. In addition, a network pool of government aided research, testing institutes and special vehicle clusters strengthen the competencies of AtomsAlive.

With the provisional patented tech solution, we provide up to 65 percent – 70 percent reduction in recharging time for applications in consumer electronics, robot-toys & electric vehicles when compared to available industry parity solutions. Needless to mention this technology is innovated in-house and bears the ‘Make-in-India’ pride. This unique solution is offered to clients – OEMs, tech partners & battery manufactures in a B2B model on a unique percent-age license fee model making the technology easily accessible to the clients without the heavy cost of owning it entirely!

While AtomsAlive plays the role of a system integrator, we also take up R&D – Tech partner ships around developing and optimizing charging solutions for the clients.

Tell us about this unique technology.
Ashish: Cell chemistry is an integral component of any fast charging application. Our patent pending ultra-fast charging technology generates high watt-age with a non-conventional combination of voltage and current. We achieve ultra-fast charging from high current ratings while maintaining the safety standards around heat dissipation. Our in-house developed system architecture for a smart Battery Management System (BMS) engenders the tech solution, which is the need of the hour in the fast charging domain across battery operated electronic industry.

With the provisional patented tech solution, we provide up to 65 percent – 70 percent reduction in recharging time for applications in consumer electronics, robot-toys & electric vehicles when compared to available industry parity solutions

Our technology is independent of high voltage dependency, reducing the cell stacking of battery
capacity and hence ultra-fast charging is possible on reduced battery size and form factor.

What is the level of difference we are looking at when it comes to performance?
Ashish: Our ultra-fast charging technology is specially focused on increasing the performance ratio. We measure performance in time. It is the ratio of the output active usage time/range to the input charging time. For a wide range of consumer electronics, this performance ratio is less than one. While providing for the reduced charging time, AtomsAlive specializes in increasing this ratio over 1. The high-performance ratio enhances the consumer experience of using the ultra-fast charging product adaptation. Our solution provides an efficiency of 2x to 5x better performance with a performance ratio of 1 for EVs & 3 for consumer electronics & robot toys respectively.

What is the challenge that you solve in the EV segment?
Kunal: AtomsAlive solves for the two

key pain points of the electric vehicle industry viz. long charging time & high heat dissipation.

The race for providing longer kilometer range per charge has its trade-offs with the longer time taken to fully charge the EV battery. Consider an example with an average of five hours being spent each time in charging a 2W e-bike (for an 8.7Ah battery pack) that delivers a range of 150 km in a single charge. AtomsAlive's technology solution ensures ultra-fast charging with 5x the speed, reducing the charging time only to 1 hour.

Kunal Dani & Ashish Pawar,Co-Founders

Since the wait time to charge the e-bike is reduced drastically, this is a value addition to the e-bike operating B2B companies to carry out the end applications of e-commerce & food deliveries.

With the smart BMS the proprietary technology that establishes thermal management through power electronics, the heat dissipation is eliminated while solving for fast charging. This solves for one of the biggest EV industry pain points.

Going forward, what are the opportunities that you foresee in the EV segment?
Kunal: India is at the cusp of an EV revolution. While the lawmakers strive for setting regulations right and providing subsidies, the automakers aim at providing the best in class EVs, while grappling with the age-old industry pain points such as slow charging and heat dissipation. Requirement for fast charging solution to the EVs that is portable and independent of bulkier battery and chargers is quite imperative and we are solving for it with our current solution!

Penetration of 2W & 3W EVs for commercial and delivery segment will gain heavy traction. With absolute no to low downtime for charging, the requirement for fast charging infrastructure will be the need of the hour. Innovative ways of swapping the fast charging batteries, portable battery power packs and developing a conducive infrastructure are some of the high potential opportunity that lies ahead of us.

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