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ChargeMyGaadi: Gearing up India's EV Ecosystem via Indigenous Solutions & Product Standardization Initiative

Ashish Kumar,Founder & CEO

Ashish Kumar

Founder & CEO

There is growing awareness among the Indian populace regarding the urgency to switch from ICE vehicles to Electric Vehicles (EV). This situation of rising cost of ICE vehicles and worsening condition of environment is propelling the demand of EVs in the market. EVs have drawn attention and the world is looking for several alternate sustainable solutions. India has already begun a wide adoption spree and performing well enough to ease the adoption. With an EV revolution in the making, having indigenous EV charging solutions, reliable and standardized products in the country would greatly uphold the ethos of ‘Make in India’ & ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’. ChargeMyGaadi supplies a wide arrange of innovative solutions and is building its own niche in the EV ecosystem by supplying Smart EV Battery Chargers (CANBUS/NONCAN & OBC), AC Charging Stations, and Battery Swapping Solutions that suit to clients and customer’s needs, expectations, and requirements.

The company has developed On-Board Chargers (OBC) for 2, 3 and 4 wheelers – 1000W, 2000W and 3300W respectively – and customized Battery Swapping Stations (BSS) with respect to client needs, which is supplied by hardly a handful of key players in the market.

In conversation with Ashish Kumar, Founder & CEO, ChargeMyGaadi

How are you stationed in the EV industry with your charging solutions and what are your target segments?
We have stationed ourselves in the EV ecosystem where we are catering and supplying battery chargers to all top-notch OEMs. We are manufacturing SMART chargers which can communicate both ways, means with vehicles as well as with grid. Our primary focus is on two-wheelers and three-wheelers with electric cargo on the list. We develop OBC and BSS which are supplied by limited key players. Our battery chargers are of automotive grade and eligible to pass any test for certifications and standardization, including standard like CE/UL, RoHS certifications, BIS/AR AI and ICAT and many other certifications.

Elaborate on the uniqueness of your products and operations?
We have designed and developed the

products locally by understanding the needs of the market (Make in India). Our uniqueness lies in developing and providing the customized charging solutions based on the clients/customer need. We are also one of the few companies who have developed Smart Battery Charger (CANBUS) and OBC.

We are the only company in India who is bridging the GAP between Academia and Industry. Both academia and industry are working on their isolations, which has created the shortage of skilled manpower followed by unemployment. Our initiative towards clean and green energy is helping people get training as per their skills and absorbed by the industry, while also solving both the problem of unemployment and skills/learning.

We develop OBC and BSS which are supplied by limited key players

We have also developed a solution for low-cost charging infrastructure with the initiatives of DST (Department of Science and Technology) & government of India. We are also working on Common Charging Infra for public use and developing the 20kW DC Charging Station with multiple output connectors to help people to charge several vehicles at any given point of time. All stages of our products design and development meet CE (Conformite Europenne) certification, UL (Underwriter Laboratories) -certification, and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) standards.

Our Mode of operandi is very simple and straight forward, we develop the solution based on clients/customer need and empower them with required chargers/charging infra to operate them efficiently.

What is the major pain-points that you encounter and how do you tackle them?
The major pain points are the import of components required for manufacturing of EV Battery Chargers. When we commenced our journey and hit the market with a more productive and reliable approach for supplying of EV Battery Chargers, we realized that major painful areas were cost, quality, and time-lines. This is in fact true to most of the companies that belong to the EV charging solutions and services segment. We saw this as a business opportunity, and immediately invested heavily in those areas, and hence were able to reduce cost, set benchmarks in quality and drastically improve turnaround time. This subsequently not only helped us gain the trust of the market, but also aided in channelizing the market’s focus to indigenous products away from internationally

manufactured products. Eventually, over the past three years, we built a product portfolio based on market needs and requirements. Researchers recorded their statements for problems encountered by EV market, reliance on imported goods or components and the scarcity of products.

What is your method of educating people about EVs & charging solutions?
We have an education wing under the Amika Global Group, which is working with an aim to provide Electric Vehicle training to help learners to have on job training to develop the right skill set. We also provide assistance in getting them the job by having the strong industry network. We have sensed the short-age of skilled manpower in the EV segment and by understanding the need of future manpower by the world, ChargeMyGaadi powered the EV Training program for the EV enthusiasts. The requirement of technically adept individuals is noticed by us at a very nascent stage. Non-availability of experts and trainer has triggered a scarcity of skilled candidates in the segment. Therefore, in our training programs, we teach and train individuals, specialized in various technologies across charging and charging infrastructure.

Amika Global Education, a part of Amika Global Group is trying to fill the gap or bridge created due to the lack of professional competency. Since we have a full-fledged manufacturing and R&D facility, we take in those who want to learn more about chargers and provide them with hands-on training; to which the most probable locations we see fit are Bangalore, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Pune. We provide both technological and business training.

Where is ChargeMyGaadi Headed to in the future?
For the next few years, ChargeMyGaadi aims to provide and manufacture a certain number of chargers per month to all the top-notch battery OEMs, electric bike manufacturers, electric cycle & three-wheeler manufacturers. Our chargers are reliable, cost effectives since the market is growing at a fast pace. It is important to hold major chargers and share positively impacted, potentially strong company in EV ecosystem. We also plan to develop more products and we currently have roughly 40 distinct e-category chargers, ranging from e-cycles to e-bikes, two-wheelers to four-wheelers, and we are also developed on onboard chargers. Though the commercial EV segment is propelled and experiencing a dis-placement from ICE to electric vehicles, ChargeMyGaadi aims to provided end solutions for all charging requirements. We are also planning to expand the OPEX model. Soon, we will also launch OBC for Cargo Segment from 3kW onwards.

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