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Aximind Strategic Solutions: Delivering Profitability via Cognitive Science & Design Principles

Sangeeta Panigrahi,Founder

The era of Industry 4.0 has arrived. Today, digital is the focal point of the modern-day business landscape. Digital transformation powered by a proper strategy helps decode new possibilities through cutting-edge technologies and innovation. Industry 4.0 is all about developing digital assets to build sustainable relationships and deliver a fulfilling end-user experience. As the digital rush continues, organizations rely on making the most of insights and analytics to stay ahead of their competitors. This is where professional expertise is paramount.

Aximind Strategic Solutions Pvt Ltd (OPC) is a specialist business-driven company that helps a business achieve digital transformation by leveraging cognitive science and design principles. They have clients from Manufacturing, Automotive to Chemical and pioneered OEMs.

In conversation with Sangeeta Panigrahi, Founder, Aximind Strategic Solutions.

In what ways can Aximind leverage the potential of cognitive science and design principles to offer the utmost benefits to its clients?
Staying digitally progressive is the key to the success of any business amidst the high competition in the market. Cognitive science and design principles help us offer top-notch solutions to our clients to scale their business faster and safer. At Aximind, we enable emerging technologies as a key to unlock the possibilities for an enterprise to focus on critical business objectives.

We aim to connect the plant/shopfloor operators to the end customers, which involves creating digital products and solutions for the entire value chain of the industrial manufacturing process.

The prowess of a modern-day business is related to its ability to decode industry data and processes. Aximind helps companies to make informed decisions with the help of insightful data. Cognitive Science delivers futuristic advancement with the data. For example, Computer Vision models can automate the inventory management process benefiting the stock picking, organizing, and arranging the logistics of such operations. At the time of Covid-19, intelligent decisions can help the company and its customers at large.

Aximind banks on cognitive and design-thinking models to deliver a robust and next-gen user experience

Tell us about the unique value proposition that Aximind offers. What are the differentiating factors that make the company stand out from its competitors?
Process, quality, and utilizing the right technology to solve the current need and the future business problems are the striking features of Aximind. Often, consulting creates the digital transformation journey; however, many enterprises need that Technology Partnership to achieve those goals. Aximind offers a complete end-to-end process, where we understand the business's key objectives and then choose and drive the technology transformation projects. A vast majority of companies tend to neglect the cognitive behavior of business processes. We aim to enlighten them in this arena and offer the best in-class solution to them. Aximind's futuristic model powered by the fine amalgamation of Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence is a game-changer for our clients' businesses.

With the help of our solution, clients can

stay aware of every business possibility, threat and can strategize better for the future to get desired business results without any unnecessary impediment. Human, business, and technology are the pillars of the new business ecosystem. Aximind's expertise lies in combining these pillars to serve ROI-driven service or product models.

Aximind has rendered its services to industries ranging from OEM, manufacturing to power or oil & gas and other verticals. We have worked with marquee global automotive manufacturing brands. We started with a simple custom smart application development project. With the quality of work and recommendation, we are the global technology partner for the Emerging Technologies vertical with some of them. Today, Aximind has a global presence that is growing day by day.

Tell us about Aximind Solution's flagship product. Also, what are your visions for the future?
Bhaina is one of our flagship products. It is an AI-integrated AR/VR platform for the Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) sector. Bhaina is a Remote Assistance to help the frontline workers or the onsite service technicians to connect with an expert engineer, regardless of the location. Bhaina also provides a self-service guide for distressed asset detection, inspection, and maintenance or repair work. Bhaina is a go-to buddy for all the frontline workers or any OEMs customers who provide immediate support without production delays and reducing wait times, and many more. Today, our clients have already started integrating Bhaina to benefit them in challenging times when there is travel restriction, labor shortage, and difficulty to provide after-sales services.

Our journey started as a digital transformation partner focusing on Industry 4.0 implementation. Over the years, we have transformed from a service-based company to a product-based company. Aximind is planning to launch more next-gen products in the manufacturing sector backed by innovation and state-of-the-art technologies.

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