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PyWiz Analytica: Democratizing Informed Decision-Making


The business success in the digital era can be defined in multiple ways. From “Go, Google it” to “let’s Netflix this weekend”, modern customers paraphrasing the service provided to them with the brand name is definitely one of them. Thanks to data science and analytics, customers simply start loving the experience they get to indulge in. Let’s take the case of Netflix. By collecting data from their 151 million subscribers and performing analytics, Netflix unlocked the customer behavior and buying patterns, and pioneered recommending movies and TV shows based on their subscribers' preferences. The advanced data analytics today possesses huge potential to transform businesses regardless of the industry by equipping organizations with informed decision making and hence helping them improve customer experience. Bangalore-based PyWiz Analytica Pvt Ltd is a bespoke data analytics company specialized in helping organizations make better decisions on time, owing to their exceptional capabilities in Big Data Analytics and Visualization.

Piloting a mission to democratize well-informed decision making, PyWiz is building a robust client ecosystem by providing world class services at an affordable cost. One of their happy clients, Prakash, CEO of Prakash Industries, goes on to say: “They are the best. We, as a company or an individual, never had to ask constantly for the output we were aiming for. PyWiz Analytica may be a start-up but the workforce is experienced enough to provide quality work. Looking forward to more services from this company.”

CIO Insider engages in an exclusive interview with Sachin Sinha, the Data Scientist CEO & Founder of PyWiz Analytica. Sachin walks us through everything about the company’s journey.

In conversation with Sachin Sinha, CEO & Founder, PyWiz Analytica

Out there in the market prevails a flood of data analytics services providers. What makes PyWiz stand out?
PyWiz Analytica is a boutique

technology firm specialized in Data Science, pursuing a mission to democratize well-informed intelligent decision making by clutching Big Data Analytics and Visualization. We extend our Data-Science-as-a-Service offerings to a wide range of underserved and unserved organizations, especially in the MSME and startups segments.

We are a dedicated team of Data Scientists, Business Analysts, Software Engineers, Big Data Developers, and Domain Experts who are passionate about churning out valuable Data & actionable information that addresses critical business issues

We are a dedicated team of Data Scientists, Business Analysts, Software Engineers, Big Data Developers, and Domain Experts who are passionate about churning out valuable Data & actionable information that addresses critical business issues. We help futuristic firms grow faster and make fewer errors by converting data into a more powerful tool that enhances their decision making.

We provide the latest insights using smart technologies and fault tolerant architectural frameworks, while being strictly a customer centric services provider.

How comprehensive is your portfolio in Data Science? What are the offerings?
We offer everything from AI & ML Development to Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Video Analytics, Data Visualizations, Data Warehousing, Software Development, Mobile Application Development, and Web Scraping. PyWiz helps you to gain insights from any form of data, be it System logs, security logs, structured or scattered data. Our experts work on

complex datasets to map in a logical format to understand the data.

What is the level of untapped potential that we are talking about?
Let’s take the case of Video Analytics. With our video analytics solutions, we help organizations, especially retail and manufacturing firms, to harness objective data from subjective visuals. We analyze the otherwise-unused visual content generated within their premises to derive powerful market insights and behavioral trends. This helps businesses make well-informed decisions. PyWiz provides video analytics services that can help to not only build and maintain an audience, but also develop new sources of revenue.

Sachin Sinha,CEO & Founder

You have also recently developed a healthcare platform called ‘Smart Buddy’. How would you describe it?
Smart Buddy is an application that acts like your personal doctor. It is designed to care for the well-being of people and save their valuable time and money. The app is loaded with careful designed features that comprise an undeniable proposition when it comes to achieving a healthy life. It drastically enhances the doctor-patient relationship by bringing them closer.

Tell us about your work culture.
People are the most valuable asset of our company. Treating every employee with respect and dignity is embedded in our foundation. We are proud to have a balanced mixture of young and fresh minds with experienced and reliable engineers, who together develop our innovative solutions. We maintain a healthy, stress-free environment to boost creativity.

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