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Azom Computer Systems: Setting Benchmark In The High Performance Computing Segment

Arindam Ghosh,     Founder & Managing Director

Arindam Ghosh

Founder & Managing Director

Azom Computer Systems, founded in 2015 by Arindam Ghosh, is a premium system integrator that specializes in building Customized High-Performance Mobility Solutions. Azom provides the peace of mind that can only come from a lifetime of excellence backed by cutting-edge technology. Arindam adds, “Our technology professionals assist you in developing the best solution for perfomance computing needs. Whether it's a need-based or high-performance computing solution, our tech-savvy team can help with scenario planning, solution design, and launch trade-off analysis, as well as component recommendations”. Arindam engages in an exclusive interview with CIO Insider Magazine and talks more about the unique traits of Azom.

In conversation with Arindam Ghosh, Founder & Managing Director, Azom Computer Systems

What are the latest challenges that Azom Computer Systems solves for its clients?
When it comes to the Indian market, one of the most significant challenges is the unoptimized price vs. performance ratio of HPC Hardware Solutionsfor both enthusiasts and enterprise. Also, time to market and customization is another challenge which end users face. As a result, purchasing a pre-built branded offering is an expensive affair and in lot of cases it doesn’t fulfill the end usage scenario due to lack of customization. Thus, the idea behind Azom was to offer customized performance computing solutions at par with price vs. performance ratios as per global developed markets.

What are the strategies that the company follows to understand its client's requirements and build customer centric solutions?
Since inception, we've launched two high performance barebones that deliver desktop grade performance in a mobile form factor with end user customization options. Core components like CPU, GPU, Memory, Storage, Display and others are upgradable as per end requirement.

We are attempting to redefine the ecosystem of high performance compute solutions in mobility, desk and rack, as opposed to how they are now placed

One of our key USPs is the technical consultation for configuration recommen dations.For every client we try to understand their end requirements and propose a suitable configuration matching their end usage specially in terms of performance expectation.

What is Azom Computer Systems' USP that sets it apart from the other players in the market?
We concentrate on five critical factors that offer us an advantage over the competition. To begin, as aforementioned, Azom Computer Systems seeks to bring price versus performance optimization in India's high performance computing area, which is in line with the global standard. Second, there's the knowledge process in which we aim not just to comprehend the customer's needs, but also to educate them on what they should be looking for. Moreover, when it comes to our modular architecture, we entirely work on the other paradigm. Unlike other branded offerings where there is no option to upgrade the system two or three years down the line, we give our users the freedom to update the system from CPU, GPU, storage, memory and even the display panel if the need arises.

Further, we provide users with ownership independence. You can't open the system in a branded offering because it will immediately state that the warranty is extensive. We, on the other hand, do not have such a policy or philosophy. When you buy a system, we believe you own it and have the freedom to do what ever you want with it. So, true ownership is something that we provide to the end user, which is something that our consumers have given us excellent feedback on. Finally, when it comes to customer service, we've moved away from the concept of third party service centers, where any brand has no influence over how consumers are treated. Since this is a company inhouse affair, we do not employ the typical call center or support desk method and customers communicate directly with the team that actually made the system.

What are the opportunities that you fore see and where do you see Azom Computer Systems in the future
Over the years, we have made a name for ourselves in the mobility sectors as a result of our consistent quality work, and as we move forward, our next goal is to expand into the desk and rack HPC segments. We are already working on a hybrid cooling tech with solid state and oil submersion. The core idea is to bring service free desk solutions specially in terms of cooling and heat management and open air server farm deployment feasibility for SMBs who currently face a lot of challenges with capex and opex of running their own infrastructure.

We are also experimenting with aeroponics farming embedded with open air server farms making server farms climate positive compared to the current deployment standards.

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