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Ingram Micro: Assisting Business to Adopt an Advanced IT Driven Landscape

Navneet Singh Bindra,    Sr. Vice President & Country Chief Executive

Navneet Singh Bindra

Sr. Vice President & Country Chief Executive

The consumer market is transforming with changing customer behaviour in favour of digital experiential buying. Businesses are now focusing on creating market differentiation with the power of IT enabled human innovation and needless to mention that automation is becoming the pillar of growth and success of every organization. Furthermore, strong focus from the government’s side on boosting digital infrastructure and adoption in the country is changing ways in which businesses considered IT investments. In India, a strong comeback of the economy and a sharp uptake in digital investments across different sectors is being witnessed. Thus, in current times, there is a huge demand to strengthen the vibrant startup ecosystem with the power of technology to keep the market digitally progressive and thriving.

Amidst such market dynamics, businesses need a solutions aggregator who can assist them in adopting an advanced IT driven landscape, enabling meaningful outcome driven solutions. This is the key area where the expertise of Ingram Micro comes into play. It focuses on delivering superlative experience to clients and has various tools and platforms to deliver an enhanced digitized experience.

In conversation with Navneet Singh Bindra, Sr.Vice President,Country Chief Executive, Ingram Micro India.

Tell us about the journey of Ingram Micro and the benchmarks it has set in the industry so far.
Ingram Micro is positioned globally at the intersection of thousands of

vendors, resellers and retailer partners by customizing and delivering highly targeted applications for industry verticals, B2B customers and commercial needs. Our company is an expert in provisioning solutions for system integrators. We help clients with networks, offer full lifecycle of mobile devices, help them with global enterprise software and computing, point of sale solutions, cloud services, professional AV to physical security and much more. We are trusted by our clients with a proven record of offering unparalleled expertise and resources that help them enhance their business outcomes.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of technology and mobility solutions along with professional services and unmatched capabilities in product selection and availability

We offer our clients global operational support with our extensive sales and distribution network throughout regions including North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin America and the Asia Pacific.

Our local sales offices are there in 59 countries with 189 logistics centres and service centres worldwide, representing over 1,600 suppliers, serving more than 170,000 customers in approximately 160 countries and more. We create growth opportunities within the hard to reach SMB market as more businesses are using technology to scale, enhance services and improve productivity.

Briefly tell us about what makes the company unique?
At Ingram Micro, we strive with a mission to be valued by business partners as an indispensable bridge between vendors and customers. We embrace innovation and keep ourselves well equipped to deliver advanced and sustainable solutions to our clients as per the market demands. Our team has unmatched experience in the space and their inclination towards innovation define us. Our company welcomes every talent who bring their authentic self and expertise to the table which also translates into our strength.

Give a brief account of your portfolio of solutions that have made a difference for your clients.
Ingram Micro is placed in the market as a one stop shop for our partners. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of technology and mobility solutions along with professional services and unmatched capabilities in product selection and availability. To scale our offerings and enhance customer satisfaction we have recently invested in growth drivers such as professional services, online marketplaces, cloud, mobility, enterprise computing, data centre and emerging technology such as IoT and Hyper automation. We are sure that this will offer our partners a superlative experience and would further help them to grow faster and be more profitable. Moreover, most of the technology solutions that we use are cloud based, enabling our team to adapt to remote working seamlessly and cater to the changing needs of our partners amidst the new normal.

What are the opportunities that you foresee from here on?
We have plans to enhance our portfolio of offerings and work with various brands in the areas of business adjacencies, which we keep on doing as a part of the business development project. Currently we are focusing to expand our business while creating additional long term revenue streams. Some of the new technologies we are deploying to add value include RPA, AI, BI and IoT. From a global perspective we see opportunities in IT security, services, IoT, as-a-service models and financial solutions too.

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