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Azure Knowledge Corporation : Administrators Of Complex Global Projects

Shivang Bhatt ,Director

Established as an industry leading platform-enabled data company, Azure Knowledge Corporation has zeroed in its engagements in global data acquisitions, data management, cloud computing, and technology solutions. As a universally trusted Cloud computing and IT & Digital service company, Azure has 9 offices across 6 countries with teams executing projects with a focus on complex multi-country projects requiring cross-border capabilities. Shivang Bhatt, Director, further highlights the engagements and activities of Azure in this interview.

In conversation with Shivang Bhatt, Director, Azure Knowledge Corporation

With the huge amount of benefits offered by Cloud technology, digital transformation has become easier for business enterprises. Tell us about Azure’s operations in the Cloud domain that serves the digital transformation of businesses?
Prior to the advent of the buzzword Cloud, Azure has been serving its clients and managing the partners using its architecture, technology and operating model, which has become the norm in cloud-based services and environments. Having established ourselves as a global platform based service delivery company, Azure has always strived to deliver secure, scalable, technology agnostic cloud solutions for their operations. With a robust workflow automation engine, we enable a remarkable service for people to access their data on self service models and execute decisions, run analysis or tweak the scope and productivity estimates.

Azure has been among the pioneers in the digital transformation space, delivering VR, Panoramas, Walkthroughs, Text Aware Videos, and Screen Grabs Solutions.

Any business looking to grow and stay ahead of the curve embarks on digital transformation to meet customer expectations and demands. Enlighten us on the various services offered by Azure in giving businesses the edge they need.
Our array of services are specialized in equipping digital transformations for Automotive, Tech & Media, Hospitality and FMCG product based companies. Azure also serves industry agnostic functions centered on Customer Interaction Services, Data Insights and Analysis, Virtual Reality Experiences, Net Promoter Scores, Sentiment Analysis, Platform Development, Cloud Based Remote Infrastructure Management, IT Asset Configuration, and Support.
It is important for a service provider to formulate and define their delivery model in order to accomplish the required task on time. What is your approach towards identifying a digital transformation solution for customers with the help of the expert team you posses?
We bear subject matter experts specialized in devising end-to-end solution from business objective to final insights. In this process, Azure develops roadmap that covers the market, target audience, technology stacks, and security integration to meet the desired goals. Using the partner network that is spread across more than 100 countries, we churn out localized solutions and services implemented by hyperlocal professionals, which get aggregated on Azure’s Central Cloud solutions. To formulate multi country, multi methodology, and scaled programs, Workflow Automation has to be coupled with platform based operations management.

Which incident strikes you while looking back at the years of successful implementations since the establishment of the company?
In our years into operation, we have confronted many issues and exercised functions efficiently to mitigate the challenges. One of the largest Officers

Training Academies in India had an immediate requirement to digitalize their 7000 plus properties spread across the length and breadth of the country. Using the in-built software Xurway, we collected more than a million data points, and utilized the in-house software Galio for tracking the large field force. Equipped with ample Cloud storage facilities for the field team to upload data and images on real time, they were able to view and approve the visuals too. The client was able to efficiently administer the property software for capturing visuals & data, as well as hire and train people at short notice.

Azure has been among the pioneers in the digital transformation space, delivering VR, Panoramas, Walkthroughs, Text Aware Videos, and Screen Grabs Solutions

What is the future blueprint of Azure that you have conceived?
We intend to layout a hybrid IT solution by combining cloud based software and on-premise computation, helping companies to balance the scalability and flexibility along with security and control over private datacenter. By maintaining a hybrid cloud computing model, we help span multiple public clouds and manage with a single set of controls. We envision upgrading our cloud infrastructure and architecture based on the Computing Cell that consistently provides best-of breed software infrastructure including encryption, authentication, network segmentation, data integrity and data.

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Azure Knowledge Corporation : Administrators Of Complex Global Projects