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Aexonic : Value Driven Assistance for Clients to Choose the Right Emerging Technology

Aexonic Team,

With offices in California , US and a delivery centre in Pune, Aexonic offers cutting edge solutions to its clients in the Digital Transformation front across multiple verticals that include the likes of product engineering, IOT, AI/ML, Chatbots, mobile app development, Devops, Data Science and cloud solutions among many other allied services. Abhishek, the company’s further elaborates on the work engagements of Aexonic in the conversation below.

In conversation with Aexonic Team, , Aexonic

Digital transformation is imperative for all businesses, and technology plays a critical role in an organization’s ability to evolve with the market. How is Aexonic positioned in the market and how are the changes acknowledged in the business?
As a company, we have been very adoptive to technology over the years. We have done different projects in the digital space that includes IOT, Data Science, Chatbots, AI/ML, Blockchain or RPA. We work with the client to understand the business problem, and help them resolve the business problem by suggesting the right blend of technology. We understand that change management is not easy and always suggest progressive approach in any implement- ation. We are a technology company but at the same time we understand that technology is just an enabler. Apart from that we do a lot of investments when it comes to training, re-training the manpower and making sure they have the right skill for the job. We have been in the market for close to 8 years now. The very first client that we had, we are still working with them.

We have been growing organically - it means that our clients give our reference and that's how we have been moving from one client to another. I believe it speaks a lot of our commitment to client success and the value we bring to our customers.

Digital transformation involves a change to incorporate an increased use of technology to improve the experience of the customers. What are the services offered by Aexonic to the customers?
When it comes to the offerings, we are not ‘jack of all trades’, we are a niche service provider and choosy in terms of the business we do and even the customers we work with. As a company we have got three verticals. One is the digital, wherein we work on different emerging technologies, helping the clients in their digital transformation energy and utilizing the right sets of technology. On the other vertical we work on analytics within which we work data science, data visualization, and BI on cloud. The third vertical is SAP, where we work on Success Factors, SAP Hybris, SAP BW, and SAP Analytics Cloud. We engage with clients at a very early stage and help evaluate the right blend of technology. Our industry knowledge plays a key role as we understand both technology and can easily map it to the business need.

We are an end to end service provider in digital transformation and get engaged at the start of journey and also help the clients in change management during and after the implementation.

Share some of the success stories of Aexonic which have made the enterprise well established in the market?
We had an engagement recently with a US based customer in the Health Care Sector. They were struggling with their existing technology partner when we got introduced through a reference. We did an assessment of their needs, came up with the plan which comprised of stabilization phase, and future product roadmap. The journey was not easy but in just 3 months they could see the difference and the value we brought in. It is almost a year now and we have helped them focus on sales and operations and leaving the technology part on us. Recently they got acquired by another company and have become a testimonial to the ROI a company can

get by having the right partner. We have recently been working in a deep tech project involving computer vision and AI/ML project in Real Estate sector. We started with an MVP and the results we delivered in just three months helped us win a multiyear contract with the company.

We have done different projects in the digital space that includes IOT, Data Science, Chatbots, AI/ML, Blockchain or RPA

Tell us about the policies and actions taken by Aexonic that distinguish your enterprise from the competitors?
Technology has been evolving must faster now than in the past. A change which would take years earlier in late 90’s takes only days or weeks. Being a Technology company, it is very essential that we are adaptive to change and stay ahead of the curve. We invest heavily in training and development and it can be seen in the work we do. We have done multiple projects in IOT, AI/ML and Computer vision. It is very rare that companies based in India work with clients in US to solution a product. We have done it multiple times and have been successful. All this has been possible because of the mature process which we follow and our commitment to support the team in learning new technology.

What future have you comprehended for Aexonic for the years to come?
We are a growing company. We believe that change is imminent and we have to continuously keep evolving. We will be investing heavily in terms of the branding. Also, we are expanding our foot print in North American. We plan to invest heaving on some of the new verticals to build Centre of Excellence (COE), and also grow our sales organisation. We plan to hire people in the sales team and also partner with the companies who can bank of the capabilities we have built over the years. I believe that as a company we are poised to grow exponentially, and this is just the beginning.

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