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Bahwan CyberTek: Accelerating Innovation with Experience

Swaminathan Krishnan,Chief Delivery Officer & Chief Wellness Officer

Swaminathan Krishnan

Chief Delivery Officer & Chief Wellness Officer

A 1999-born IT solutions company, Bahwan CyberTek (BCT) has always been an early adopter and over the years has carved its niche in the industry through significant investments in building competencies and capabilities and skillful executions that engender impressive value additions during its customers’ digital transformation journey. The company today is an expert in IBM AI Applications and Cloud Solutions including Maximo Applications Suite, Watson & Chatbots with focus on Asset Management, Remote Asset Monitoring, IoT, Inventory Optimization, Predictive Maintenance, and SaaS deployments across the world.

BCT has delivered South East Asia’s first IBM cloud-based Maximo SaaS deployment for a retail customer in Singapore. The company indeed has time and again manifested its deep-rooted domain expertise in the areas of digital transformation, COTS deployment, analytics, predictive maintenance, and customer experience, especially in the Oil & Gas and Utilities verticals. The company is well known for extending IBM’s standard solutions by seamlessly integrating them with its own IP products in order to provide complete experiences for its customers. We recently got to talking with Swaminathan Krishnan, the Chief Delivery Officer & Chief Wellness Officer of BCT Group. Swami, a Chartered Accountant, brings 35+ years of industry leadership experience to the table in the areas of Global Services Delivery, IT-enabled Process Transformation and Change Management, Intelligent Automation (as part of Digital Transformation), IT Strategy, Governance. Let’s hear from him.

In conversation with Swaminathan Krishnan, Chief Delivery Officer & Chief Wellness Officer, BCT Group

Do you have SOPs in place to understand the client’s pain-points and develop a problem-centric solution by integrating diverse technologies?
BCT’s DNA is ‘customer centricity’. We always focus on the line-of-business,

their needs, challenges and pain points and leverage best-of-breed technologies and solutions to address them. Our unique methodology involves business process-centric ‘elicitation’ techniques to identify and understand customers’ specific needs and challenges using reusable artefacts that deliver a ‘heat map analysis’ reflecting ‘a Day in a life’ model of the business users. Based on this analysis, we create a maturity model for each business function, identify areas of improvement and help business users achieve enhanced adoption of new technologies, thereby increasing their ROI.

Our expert-solutioning team analyzes and designs the future state of their business processes by applying learning from the past experiences, industry prevailing standards & industry-specific ISO standards, and technology focusing on the desired outcome. This allows us to build a ‘problem-centric’ solution for our clients. Our mission has always been to solve customers’ business problems and not sell technology.

BCT completely transformed their asset management landscape by combining IBM Maximo with our retina360 application for predictive maintenance analysis

What are the unique selling propositions of your company?
BCT has various innovation-led IP products in the areas of Predictive/Prescriptive Asset Analytics (retina360), Digital Experience Management (dropthought), Digital Supply Chain Management (CueTrans), Digital Procurement Solution (Procurement360) and Credit Risk Management suite (rt360). We are talking about a bunch of state-of-the-art industry-specific solutions built with the aim of transforming the way our customers do their business digitally. These solutions are seamlessly integrated with COTS solutions such as Maximo and also complement the standard functionalities to provide end-to-end automation to our customers.

What are the ways that BCT’s solutions add value?
BCT has harvested various industry-specific reusable assets and add-on solutions which help our customers accelerate deployments, implementation and adoption. This directly results in faster time-to-market and optimized costs, delivering a competitive edge to our customers over

competition. For instance, BCT’s ‘Intelligent Automation Testing’ solution and unique DevOps frameworks help our customers manage their SDLC, STLC processes much efficiently, faster and at lower costs with defect-free deployments.

Could you share with us a case study about one of your most challenging deployments, briefly explaining the before-after scenario?
One of the largest government transportation agencies in the Middle-East faced issues with scattered data, siloed systems and inconsistent business processes; to say nothing of the lack of analytics-based decision making across their enterprise asset management landscape.

BCT completely transformed their asset management landscape by combining IBM Maximo with our retina360 application for predictive maintenance analysis. Further, we also streamlined their procurement and tendering process, through a custom bolt-on built on top of IBM Maximo. As vendor relationships and communication were also a challenge, we built an external application that vendors could access, thereby digitizing the entire contracting and payment process. BCT is an exclusive partner for TIBCO in the Middle East, and we leveraged TIBCO middleware to integrate the data silos.

Our solutions helped the agency transform itself as a front runner in adopting the government’s paperless initiative and take an important step in reducing carbon footprint, aligning with the GoGreen initiative. This also standardized the procurement process and made it transparent, risk-free and auditable. The vendor satisfaction rates were also increased significantly, while improving the predictive maintenance practices helped in improving asset availability and optimizing their overall spend whilst delivering better services to citizens.

What are the opportunities that you foresee and which are the areas that BCT plans to invest in? What is your future roadmap?
BCT has always been at the leading-edge of technologies, focusing on continued innovation through collaboration. This includes collaborating and jointly building innovative solutions with our customers and partners. BCT’s AIRIS Lab acts as an ‘incubator’ and helps in developing innovations - from ideas to products. The major areas of our roadmap ahead include, but not limited to, digital twins & Asset Performance Management, drone-based inspections for vegetation management & linear assets, AI-based worker insights, IoT-based solutions focused on RCM, Blockchain, and safety compliance assurance.

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