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Banyan Data Services: New Generation Of It Operations With Unified Devops And Data Services

Nagesh Konduru,Founder

Equipped with highly motivated and results-driven eager beavers, Banyan Data Services based out of Bengaluru was founded by Nagesh Konduru, an ex-Apple veteran. He has extensive experience in incubating and fostering cutting edge data technologies for hyper-growth applications such as iTunes and iCloud. Banyan Data covers the vast portfolio of data solutions suite and data infrastructure services. Being an emerging provider of Managed Data Services for multi-cloud infrastructure, the company goes past effortless migration support and infrastructure management services. Nagesh Konduru further explains about the company’s work engagements centred on data services in detail below.

In conversation with Nagesh Konduru, Founder, Banyan Data Services

Usage and application of data has evolved tremendously over the years, cutting across various sectors. Given the complexities, how is Banyan Data Services positioned to deliver?
Data is the new currency in the digital economy. As new opportunities get generated with the drive towards a digital economy, so do the challenges around Data. At Banyan Data Services, we have evolved the subject matter expertise (SME) around changing Data trends to an extent that not only provide customized Data solutions, but also consult with organizations cutting across various sectors. This enables us to provide them with the most

optimized Data infrastructure options. While cloud providers enable Data IT Infrastructure, we are uniquely positioned to deliver Data Services, DevOps and Service Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices.

At Banyan Data Services, we bring forth innovative tools and services that aim at a fusion of the life cycle of software with data technologies

Given today’s IT infrastructure and complex heterogeneous Data landscape, how does Banyan Data Services plan on providing solutions that fit the right data model?
Data management requirements of the industry has become challenging due to the ever-growing complex data landscape. Till a few years ago, we only had a handful of data technologies supporting limited data types. These technologies also were not scalable for the internet world. There is no more a ‘one- model-fits- all’ solution that can be applied towards addressing these needs. We provide solutions and services across all data technologies including the Design & Architecture, Managed Services, Consulting Services, 24&7 supports, Performance Tuning and Capacity Planning, as well as Security & Compliance. Moreover, we also provide a wide variety of Cloud based services such as lift and shift migration to the cloud, and support services on a hybrid cloud environment best suited for customers’ needs. We provide services on all popular cloud platforms such as AWS, Oracle, Azure, and Google Cloud.

How does Banyan Data Services envision the role of DevOps practice in today’s incoherent world of on-premise and multicloud deployment?
The industry is lagging in adopting the latest DevOps practices/processes. Concepts such as Continuous

Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD) and Automation are mentioned in passing. We believe that DevOps and SRE are two sides of a coin. Function of DevOps is to configure and deploy, while on the other hand SREs are responsible for monitoring, operations, reliability, availability, and security.

By streamlining and automating customer’s development lifecycle, we make them agile in their market. We build synchronicity between development and operations such that they are on-time while creating a competitive edge. At Banyan Data Services, we bring forth innovative tools and services that aim at a fusion of the life cycle of software with data technologies, which are then responsible for a radical change in the DevOps implementation.

How are you differentiating Banyan Data Services from traditional IT services?
We have devised new ways of bridging the gap between Data Services and DevOps practice to create a unique SRE production support model. Traditional IT companies largely depend on the multi-level escalation support model for incident response and support triage. However, these are redundant through our automation processes. Our support tools and processes are driven by the Machine learning which improve the efficiency and reduce the human errors.

Where do you see Banyan Data Services headed? Which industries or sectors stand to influence from the services Banyan Data Provides?
We follow the motto, “Data is our passion”. We are excited about our work at Banyan Data Services. Being a one-stop shop for Data, Cloud, and DevOps related requirements, our company provide a suite of services that cut across all industries and sectors globally. We are evolving our focus areas and targeting new frontiers in the field of Business Analytics, Data Analytics, AI and ML. We aim at creating world class solutions that create a competitive edge for customers at the world stage.

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