IOPhysics Systems: Smart Next-Generation Big Data Integration Platform Built for the Cloud

Ashish Gawali,Founder

IOPhysics Systems is a Smart Big Data Infrastructure company built for Hybrid & Multi-Cloud for Enterprise Data. It provides Big Data Integration Platform built for Multiple Clouds, Apps and Data Sources to help analyze the data in real-time. As an enterprise technology provider, the founder and the CTO of the company will share some insightful thoughts about how they provide both products and solutions aligned to their expertise with the customers and partners.

In conversation with Ashish Gawali, Founder IOPhysics Systems

The enormous benefits that big data analytics could bring to business enterprises include harnessing the data and utilizing it to identify new opportunities. In order to help businesses make important decisions, how does IOPhysics Systems provide their services in big data analytics?
IOPhysics Systems is specialized in continuous big data integration which is built for the cloud with a singular purpose to help customers realize the massive potential of cloud-based big data analytics solutions. We are standing at a key juncture, where the world is moving rapidly towards a managed and turnkey experience for all major IT challenges. People are simply not willing to spend time tuning, troubleshooting and maintaining complex technology and hardware, which can give them sleepless nights. IOPhysics Systems provides highly

innovative product called – IOPlane for Cloud whose purpose is to replicate variety of Enterprise data into the cloud based analytics platform of your choice, in real-time, with high quality, and with high resiliency. So you get to choose your cutting-edge next-generation data platform – be it AWS Redshift, Snowflake, AWS Athena, Google BigQuery or Azure SQL Data Warehouse (Azure Synapse Analytics), IOPlane for Cloud will be there to help you.

IOPlane for Cloud is a product that forms a strong foundation for leveraging the potential of cloud-based analytics

There is a growing demand for big data analytics across different industry verticals. Give a succinct picture of how IOPhysics drives SMEs forward using your services in big data analytics.
In this context, SMEs are of two types. Firstly, the BI SMEs are empowered to leverage the latest and greatest BI tools to develop rich analytical insights and experiences without being constrained by scale. They get to operate on Peta-byte Scale datasets in the same way they used to with their smaller data sets. Secondly, the data engineer SMEs focuses on maximizing the value that can be obtained from the data platform. They can invest more energy into understanding the advanced features and optimizations of the next-generation data warehouses. For both kinds of SMEs, IOPlane for Cloud solves the foundational hard problems of replicating highquality data into these warehouses in real-time for the insights. This means, data engineers are freed from the burden of creating, coding and maintaining a complex multi-stage data pipeline with many moving parts, and assembled using disparate non-cohesive complicated tools.

Kindly brief us about how do you solve the challenge of incorporating bigger

and diverse data sets into an analytical platform?
We truly believe that the cloud is the closest answer to all the problems of the data scale that we have as of today. What essentially happens is the cloud acts like a giant distributed operating system, which can take in workloads from numerous tenants, and provide economies of scale which are very hard to get in on-premises big data solutions. We also foresee a trend of federated analytics- multiple data platforms spanning across clouds, on-premises, and even the edge, will become abstracted into API driven platforms, and users will be able to operate on them as a single federation. Thus we will see more and more federated distributed data platforms glued together by their interfaces. The prevalence of 5G will help speed up retrieval of big data from these federated platforms.

Please provide an example of one of your successful big data analytics implementation which has gained considerable benefit for that company.
We have helped one of our customers to replicate IoT events from smart coffee vending machines into a new age data platform like AWS Redshift, and then use a market-leading BI tool, Microsoft Power BI, to generate analytical insights from the sensor data related to consumption patterns, defects and status of various parts.

Tell us about the future blueprint of the company.
Our Mission is to transform the customer’s business with I/O Intelligence. We would like to be the go-to company for any organization that is planning a move to a cloud-based analytics data platform like AWS Redshift, Azure SQL DW, and Google BigQuery, etc. We will definitely be able to help such customers tap into the power of these platforms, while also ensuring their usage of these platforms in optimal, intelligent, and cost-effective way. IOPlane for Cloud is a product that forms a strong foundation for leveraging the potential of cloudbased analytics and that’s why recently we have filed two patents for IOPlane product.

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