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Barquecon: Eradicating Key Industry Painpoints via Cloud Technologies

Team Barquecon ,

Cloud migrations have often encountered trouble with multiple processes. Headquartered in Pune, Barquecon Technologies is software Development Company, concentrated on delivering web applications, Mobile Application, loT, Graphic Designing and developing new products. Over the years, the company has been trying to assist businesses smoothen their migrations. Team Barquecon gives a clear overview of their practices.

In conversation with Team Barquecon, , Barquecon Technologies

What is the scope of Cloud solutions in diverse industries and how is Barquecon Technologies positioned to be able to assist customers with smooth cloud migrations?
Different providers like AWS, IBM Watson, Linode, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, through their cloud services, allow to connect Smartphone devices, Analytics portals, AI & Machine Learning processing and sensor based IoT devices which all contribute to building the intelligence and control the routine operations in different industries. Much of the activities in these areas can be automated and made efficient via the deployment of IoT based devices to connect over cloud and make things faster. Cloud has a lot of ready made things available and there are open opportunities which can be customized while dealing with these problem statements together.

Barquecon Technologies is progressing with great experience in different cloud services like AWS, IBM Watson, Linode, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud

Barquecon Technologies is progressing with great experience in different cloud services like AWS, IBM Watson, Linode, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud & all other services required to ease the process of many integration points. We generally try to identify the pain points from different industries which can be made easier to execute with the help of cloud technologies. So for example, in Transport, tracking the Pharma companies’ containers for their location identity is a basic thing. However, to get the analysis over cloud portals of Temperature & Humidity along with location tracking gives an edge to the distributors to manage the delivery from source to destination location without any damage to the medicines. More so, giving the right suggestions whether the inside temperature of the containers has to be maintained in hot conditions etc. or to hold on the trip due to heavy traffic using Artificial Intelligence of other integral information makes it more helpful for Pharma company distributor to have control of the things. So, we dig out the problem statements and then provide solutions with expertise. Many services like AWS Migration Hub, Application Discovery Services, and SFTP transfer helps in migrations for quick transitions.

The cloud infrastructure requires flexibility and ability to automate the deployment of applications and infrastructure allowing businesses to accelerate the speed of innovation and reliability. How has Barquecon Technologies been able to support this demand through its offering?

We work on a lot of projects simultaneously. We also focus on multiple environments like Development, Staging and Production to ensure smooth process of deployment. I have always believed in faster & secure deployment to stay away from any hassles during execution. This gives other activities of development and planning more time & flexibility. We do have Repositories used for all projects, which triggers multiple stable versions after Test Suits execution using Continuous Integration. Tools like Code Deploy, and Docker are accompanied with images, making it easy for deployments. Isolating File, Web & Databases makes things more reliable. Auto scaling & Cloud formations are the most adapted techniques by our team making products more flexible and sustainable with lot of unexpected load.

How do your implementations usually turn out? Do you have any particular success story in mind?
We worked with IoT products for which there was a loT of to & fro data passing and processing from smart devices. We observed the load of many simultaneous users and their balancing in realtime. Proven technologies from hybrid architectures made us unique and a sustainable cloud infrastructure provider. One of our products itself is a great example of high data load checker which has given us an edge to our cloud capabilities. Current product is for Pharmaceutical Store Rooms and Containers for realtime tracking and temperature & humidity controls.

Barquecon has ensured avantgarde products that have enhanced business productivity. What further do you plan for the company’s promising future?
We are aiming to continue using AI, Machine Learning, cloud services and IoT resources from different service providers. IoT + Cloud services is going to be our long term goal to provide end to end industry grade products to solve the realtime problems.

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